Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remembering Pixie

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and C-a-n-i-n-e-s and Humans as well)!

Tomorrow, Friday March 23rd, will mark exactly three months to the day Pixie flew away to the Bridge. Not a day goes by without Mummy and Me thinking about her. Mummy thought it would be a Good Idea to mark her three-month anniversary with a pictorial celebration of Pixie's Life. So we sat down together and chose the nicest photos we could find...

This is Pixie and Me when we were very little kitties, in our old apartment. Mummy scanned this old photo into her computer.

And here we are, all curled up in Mummy's bed in the new flat.

This is Pixie a couple of years ago, having a little cat-nap.

And this is the one Mummy has on her desktop, so that we think about Pixie every time we switch on the computer.

                                          And see here - Double Pixie!

Here's another one of Pixie at the old flat, when she was quite a young kitty.

And here she is again, full of curiosity about the flashy box.

Pixie enjoyed exercise...    

...but, like Me, she enjoyed napping even more.      

Mummy has lots more pictures of Pixie and Me, but this is our favourite. This is Pixie and Me at the old apartment, the one we lived in when we first adopted Mummy. Mummy likes this one so much, she made a special frame for it and she uses it as the header for her own blog   

Mummy's eyes have gone all leaky now. And I, too, feel very sad and lonesome, remembering my little sister. I don't need photos to remember her, kitties. She's always here in my heart.....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Cat in the Hat

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and C-a-n-i-n-e-s and Humans too)!

Well, Purim has been and gone - I know my Human wrote about it on her blog. It's that festival when humans get dressed up in all sorts of fancy costumes. (Some of them even get dressed up as Pussycats.)  My Human thought it would be nice if I, too, were to don Fancy Dress. I made it very clear to her that this was not, in My Humble Opinion, a very Good Idea, especially as her notion of Fancy Dress for Moi was to deck me out in all sorts of extravagant hats borrowed from the members of her porcelain doll collection.

I have my dignity to maintain, Fellow Felines, and that is hard for a mancat to do when disguised as a ladycat - however elegant. However, Mummy insisted that the whole point of Purim costumes is to pretend to be what you are not. I remained unconvinced, Fellow Felines - but Mummy was too crafty and managed to get the better of Me this time. She waited until I was catnapping and then she sneaked up on Me with a silly hat and her flashy box and took pictures of Me.

Of course, that woke Me up - and then, She coaxed me into trying on another hat.
Which one do you think suits me best?

I know, I know - it's hard to decide, isn't it? I'm so handsome, whatever I wear, aren't I?

Have a lovely weekend, and Shabbat Shalom to you all.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stormy Weather

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and C-a-n-i-n-e-s and Humans)!

It's so cold you would never think that Spring is just around the corner. Yesterday, it snowed. It didn't really settle - not where we live anyway. My Human says that's because the ground was so wet from the rain (it rained for days before it snowed), but I could see huge white snowflakes swirling down. They were so very pretty. Pixie would have loved them. I wonder if they have snow at the Bridge. I don't suppose they do, I've heard it's always warm and sunny there.
I miss Pixie very much, kitties...

Anyway, as I said, there were lots and lots of big white snowflakes dancing past the window panes. I couldn't stay by the window long, though, because it was too cold, so I went and curled up on the d-i-g-i-t-a-l  c-o-n-v-e-r-t-e-r instead. But I had to jump down and go and hide because Mummy had a man come to fix the flood on the balcony. At my time of life, one doesn't like strangers coming into one's Home.

It's really a shame there wasn't more snow. Mummy and I could have built a Snowcat:-) .

And if it were to snow enough, the roads would be blocked and Mummy wouldn't be able to get to work tomorrow and She could spend the whole day with me. But the Weatherman says it's going to be slightly warmer, so no chance of that :-(

Have a lovely weekend, Kitties (Woofies and Humans too)...