Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Glorious Twelfth Is Here Again!

Greetings, Effurrybody!

It is I, Queen Trixie, Empress of Jerusalem, Israel and the Entire Middle East.
I have a furry impawtant announcement to make.

For those of you who may have furr-gotten (impossible as that may seem) - today is My Birthday.
Today I am three years old.

Since it is the middle of the week, and Mummy has such a lot to do, We shall be holding My Official Pawty on Shabbat afternoon, as usual, at 5 pm when it starts to get cooler. You - my Dear Furriends - are all invited, of course. 

Since my birthday falls smack in the middle between World Cat Day and Black Cat Appreciation Day (and I am most truly a Black Cat), this will be an Extra Big Celebration.

Meanwhile, I have already received my Birthday Present from Mummy. After giving Me my favourite Shrimp, Cod and Salmon Fancy Feast for breakfast, She took Me to have My portrait painted by the famous painter, Miaownet. I think M'sieur Miaownet's impurrsionist technique really brings out the undertones of colour in my beautiful black furs, wouldn't you agree?

And since my brofurs, Caspurr and Shimshi, thought it would be nice for Us to have a little birthday celebration en famille, as well as My Official Birthday Pawty, they are taking Me out later this evening to a nightclub -  a new one called Le Chateau du Chat Noir (that means "The Castle of the Black Cat" - mol).
So I am now going to have a nice, long nap in order to be completely rested and refreshed because when my fur-sibs and I go out to party - boy, do We party!

Don't furr-get now! I'm looking forward to seeing you all this Shabbat afternoon, because it's going to be the bestest pawty effur!