Monday, September 26, 2011

Turning the Tables

Greetings, Fellow Felines!

Pixie here (Possum is napping). 
I turned the tables on him nicely today. 
Everytime our Human serves up the Fancy Feasties, I like to eat slowly and daintily, taking a break now and then, but Possum gobbles his up in two shakes of a Pussycat's tail and then comes and stands over me, watching and waiting till I just give up and walk away and then he gobbles up my food  too.
So our Human has adopted the practice of serving Possum's food up on the balcony and then shutting him out there, while she feeds me indoors.
Today, however, as she was putting Possum's food out there for him, I ducked in under his head and started eating his food. So she put his - or rather, my - bowl down beside his and he went to eat from it. He gobbled up all his food in next to no time (greedy thing that he is) and then came and stood next to me, watching me eat, as usual. 
Only this time, when I stopped and moved away, he got the surprise of his life. Instead of me leaving him more than half of my lovely Feasties - I had almost licked the bowl clean!
My Human was very pleased with me - Possum, less so ;-) 

PS. It was Chunky Chicken Feast.