Monday, May 26, 2014

An Eventful Weekend

Kitties (and other Anipals)!

It has been such a hectic weekend! 

As you all know, We have been tem-purr-rarily banned from the Balcony, because of Intruder Kitty. Well, on Shabbat, Mummy decided  (on the advice of the nice Lady V-e-t) to let Us start getting acquainted with the Invader. So She let Us come and say Hallo, one at a time. As you can imagine, Caspurr just sat and stared at him and didn't care much one way or the other, but I (Trixie) was much more cautious and kept my distance. After all - who knows what he might have? Fleas (though Mummy said that was already dealt with)? Ringworm (the v-e-t said our own immune systems are strong enough to resist it now, if the Intruder has it)? Lice (Mummy has seen no sign of it). Worms (very probably)?

After a furry, furry short meeting, We were again banished from the Balcony. Mummy went to have her Shabbat nap and in the early evening, went to check up on Intruder Kitty and found him unconscious!!! His eyes were closed, he hardly seemed to be breathing and Mummy could get no reaction from him.

In a panic, she called the v-e-t's Emergency Number but the v-e-t said that Mummy must remember they had discussed Fading Kitten Syndrome (Mummy says She has no such memory) and that the kitten had already received antibiotics (a low dosage) as a preventative measure (in case the fleas had transmitted a virus to the little kitty). The only thing Mummy could do, said the v-e-t (who Mummy thought sounded less sympathetic than She had expected) was to keep the kitty warm - and pray.

Mummy was terribly upset and she phoned Step-Grandma (you remember, kitties, that it was Step-Grandma who had talked Mummy into fostering Intruder Kitty in the first place), but she, too, was not all that sympathetic and told Mummy to remember that, when all's said and done, it was still "only a cat"!!!

So Mummy wrapped the little kitty in a thick towel and sat there, not even getting up to go to the bathroom, just cradling him in her arms like a baby and massaging his chest and tummy once in a while. And she prayed aloud to the Great Cat in the Sky not to let him die. And she said We should purr for Intruder Kitty also, so We did - because even though We didn't want to share Our Home with another kitty, that doesn't mean We wanted him to fly away to the Bridge.

After a couple of hours or so, the little kitty raised his head and struggled to turn over on his tummy. And Mummy realised that he would find it easier to breathe that way so She let him have his way. But the kitty still didn't open his eyes and his breathing was still very shallow.

So Mummy prayed harder than ever, and We came over to Mummy because We saw how upset She was, and We wanted to comfort her.

And then, kitties, after another half hour or so, Mummy put the little kitty, still wrapped up in the towel, down on the sofa, because She said She just had to go to the bathroom and She made US go back into her bedroom, because She was afraid to leave him and Us alone together (as if We couldn't be trusted!!!). And when She came out of the bathroom, She let Us back out of the bedroom and We came to look at poor little Intruder Kitty.

Then Mummy sat down on the sofa and picked up the little kitty in her arms and do you know what happened then, kitties?

The little kitty opened his eyes. And he tried to struggle out of Mummy's arms. So Mummy put him down on the sofa again and he struggled to his feet. And he began to try climbing up the cushion at the side of the sofa! And then he started miaowing furry loudly. Mummy couldn't think what he wanted at first, but then she thought maybe she'd offer him some food. (Caspurr says that was his idea - but that's because Food is always Caspurr's first thought in any situation. He's such a Greedy Kitty).

Anyway, Mummy offered the food (a mixture of dry kibbles, softened in water, and some special kitten diet moist food) to the little kitty and he wolfed it down as if he was starving! And then he went over to his water bowl and drank some water.

And then he went and slept for a bit and later, he woke up and ate some more, and when Mummy finally went to bed way past midnight, she thought the Crisis was over. And on Sunday morning (yesterday), Intruder Kitty acted like nothing had happened!!! But Mummy still can't feel easy in her mind, because She has been reading about FKS on the Internet and it seems it can strike kittens up to 9 weeks old, with no warning, even when they have previously seemed to be doing fine. (Intruder Kitty is 5 and a half weeks old). She says she won't feel safe for another few weeks yet.

The next day (yesterday), Mummy decided that Intruder Kitty was such a brave little fighter, that he deserved a hero's name, so she decided to call him after Samson in the Bible (Shimshon, in Hebrew - or Shimshi, for short).

So that seems to be it, kitties! We're stuck with him! If Mummy has given him a name, that means he's here for good. We don't want him to die, so We are just going to have to make the best of it.

And I (Trixie the Splendiferous) am going to have to make sure he knows his place and that I am the Alpha Cat around here!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Case of the Vanishing Birdie

Hallo, Effurryone!

Caspurr reporting! (Trixie is busy running surveillance on Intruder Kitty. I took the First Watch earlier this morning, and now it's her turn.)

First of all, we must report that there is really nothing to report on Intruder Kitty, except that he seems to have a healthy appetite and that he makes a lot of noise!
Trixie and I - especially Trixie - are really, really worried he may steal Mummy's affections, so We BOTH came and curled up on her bed this morning (She likes to sleep late at the weekend) and showed her how much we love her and that it would be a Big Mistake to abandon Us for this Upstart.


Anyone with eyes in their head can see how Affectionate and Loving We are!

And I also showed what a Good Brofur I am and how helpful, by giving Trixie a bath.

But see what We have to compete with! Intruder Kitty gets by simply by being impossibly Cute!

Now, to the case of the Other Intruder - that Pesky Birdie!

Kitties! It has disappeared! Vanished! Scarpered! Done a Bunk! And its Egg has disappeared too!

Mummy thinks that maybe something frightened the Birdie (not Us, because We haven't been in the study at all!) and it flew off in such a fright that it knocked the Egg out of the nest. Mummy saw that happen once.

The Other Possibility, Mummy thinks, is that a Crow stole the Egg and ate it. She has seen that happen before too, on the windowsill of her office, before She retired. And it is certainly true, there are an awful lot of Crows in this neighbourhood.

Whatever the reason, the Egg is gone. And the Birdie too.

So now, maybe We'll be allowed back into the study, at long last.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Interloper

Kitties! Woofies! Anipals!

We are furry, furry confused! And upset. And worried.

Mummy has brought a Strange Kitty into Our House!

It happened this morning. Step-Grandma phoned and told her about a little kitten living near Mummy's stepsister's house, who had been rejected by its own (kitty) Mummy. Step-Grandma was afraid the little kitty would die, because its Mummy refused to feed it and it wouldn't eat the food that was offered to it by Step-Grandma. So Step-Grandma thought of Our Mummy and phoned her and made her feel all guilty about the little kitty maybe dying if Mummy didn't help out. And Mummy said okay, She would look after the little kitty for a few days, until the nice lady v-e-t could find it a home.

So Step-Grandma brought the little baby kitty round to Our House and - we are effur so worried, because the baby kitty is furry, furry cute. We just know Mummy will lose her heart to it and She won't be able to give it up. It will steal her affections and She will start to love it more than She loves Us.

Just see how cute he is! (Mummy says it's a Boy Kitty):

Mummy took him right away to see the v-e-t. She wouldn't let Us anywhere near him - just as well, because (Mummy says), he was absolutely covered in fleas who were sucking his blood and making him anaemic. Mummy says that Dr. Einat and her Assistent, Yardena, sprayed him with something to make the fleas drop off (Caspurr had to have that too, when he first came here) and told her to keep Us and him away from each other. So Mummy has put the little kitty on the balcony and she has moved Our (ahem) "Facilities" into her own bathroom, for the time being. She says it's only temporary, and that, in any case, the nice lady vet says she has several clients who are looking to adopt a kitten. Mummy hasn't given the kitten a name because She says that the moment She does that, She knows She won't be able to part with him and She doesn't want a third kitty, we two are quite enough for Her. (We wonder what, exactly, She means by that.)

But We don't believe her, kitties! We heard her talking on the phone to her Daddy and We know She already has a name picked out for the little kitty, "just in case" She decides to keep it him. We aren't going to tell you what it is though, because We are still hoping this interloper won't be staying long.

And as if it wasn't bad enough being banned from the balcony and having all our Sanitary Arrangements turned upside down, We still aren't allowed into the study because - would you believe it? - the Birdie came back and rebuilt its nest and laid another egg! At least, we think it's the same Birdie. We aren't sure. It might be one of the birdies that was born there and came back to lay its own eggs. Do they really grow up that fast? Mummy doesn't think so, She thinks it's the same Birdie that nested there last month, and that it simply decided this was a Good Place to nest and lay its eggs.

We must go now, Anipals. It's nearly midnight. The Staff want to go to bed - and so do We. We will do our best to keep you all posted and report on any developments, whether about the kitten , or the birdies.

Good night. Have a great Weekend. Shabbat Shalom.

Trixie the Black Panfur and Caspurr the Tigger Tabby (aka the furry, furry Confused J-Cats)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Summer's Almost Here

Greetings, Effurryone!

It's been like summer this week. On Wednesday, Mummy went to Tel Aviv for the day with our Human Uncle, who is visiting here from England - and She came back all red and sunburnt. The weather is getting hotter and hotter. The last couple of days, We just spent most of our time napping. That's the best thing to do when it's hot.

This is Trixie, having a Nap.

And this is Me, the Mighty Caspurr, having been woken from My Nap by Mummy's Cleaning Lady!

On the Talking Box, they said that on Tuesday, it will be much cooler.

Tuesday is Independence Day. Our Human says that for some reason, it always seems to get cooler and windier on Independence Day - just when effurrybody wants to go out and have a picnic or a barbecue! She says that's Murphy's Law.

Who is this Murphy, anyway?

Kitties, Mummy is sad because her Human Brother is going back to England after Independence Day. You remember him, don't you? He visited here last year also. He's the one who isn't a Cat Purr-son. We can't understand that, but it can't be helped. Not effurryone has the Good Fortune to be a Cat Purr-son :-(

What else did We want to tell you? Oh, yes! The birdies on the window-sill!

They've got all grown up and now, they have flown away! That also made Mummy sad, because She enjoyed watching the little birdies. But at least now, She won't have any more excuses for keeping Us out of the study!

Well, that's all for now, Anipals. 

Have a Good Week.

Trixie (Ladycats First!) and Caspurr