Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How We Purr-tected Mummy Yet Again

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

The Mighty Shimshon (Shimshi for short) aka The Little Purrince is back again!

Yes, yes, I know! It has been over a Month since Our Furriends heard from Us.
Mummy has been so busy with all sorts of trivia, like her Caterwauling Club and its annual Gala Concert, that the Really Impawtant Things in Life, such as Our Blog, have been shockingly neglected!

For example, you would think She would have pounced on the oppurr-tunity to tell effuryone how I, the Mighty Shimshon We saved her from an Evil, Vicious Cockroach the other day!

It was late evening, and Mummy was just about to go to bed when She saw us playing with something on the stairs. She came closer to see what We were getting up to and when She saw what it was, She gave a gasp and said "Oh, no, no, no, no, no". (That's what She always says when She sees a Creepy Crawly.)

Well, of course We told her not to worry, We would take care of it, but She went and got an old Telephone Directory and came and dropped it right on top of that Creepy Cockroach and then She jumped on the directory and squished it (the roach, not the directory - mol). Then, when She removed the directory and went to get something to clear up the squished corpse, Caspurr slipped in and gobbled it up.

That was so unfair, kitties, as it was Me, the Mighty Shimshi, who spotted it furrst!
(Well, it was Trixie, really, but She is a Girl Kitty and She doesn't like playing with roaches as much as Caspurr and I do.) Fortunately, he left a few scraps for Me. It was nice and crunchy.

I don't know why Mummy couldn't have trusted Us to deal with the roach. We would have dedded it sooner or later. She could have let Us play with it a little longer, don't you think?