Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home Cooking

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and C-a-n-i-n-e-s and Humans too)!

My Human had all her family plus a couple of Strangers round for a buffet supper last night. She brought the two Strangers into the bedroom where I was hiding behind the curtain to introduce us, and they tried to stroke Me - but I wouldn't let them. I don't like it when lots of people come here. It gets very noisy and I get frightened. I wasn't always a Scaredy-Cat. I don't know why that changed. I usually don't like being shut in the bedroom, but I was glad this time when Mummy shut the door so they couldn't get in.

Mummy promised me some tasty treats from all the lovely food she made  - but I wasn't sure if I could believe her, because the day before yesterday, before she went to supper at her Daddy's house, she promised to bring me a Kitty Bag and then she forgot all about it! And that's not the first time she's forgotten either!

But I needn't have worried. Almost as soon as the last guest had gone, she served up my supper - lovely, home-cooked salmon, in a delicate sour cream sauce. She prepared  it herself! Fancy Feast is fine for day-to-day purposes, but for holidays and festivals, like Shavuot, you can't beat Home Cooking. Yummy!

But she's still trying to poison me, Fellow Felines (etc.). Those anti-worm pills the V-E-T left with her that I told you about in my last blog - she keeps trying to sneak them into my food. Not the salmon, because she knows I would identify them at a glance, since the salmon is flaky, but in my Fancy Feasties (Tender Liver and Chicken paste - it's easier to disguise the ground-up pills in a paste). Well, I don't fall for that trick so easily. Does she think I was born yesterday???  Forget it, Mummy - just keep the salmon coming :-)

Preparing all that food and then hosting so many guests and, especially, cleaning up after they've gone, can be utterly exhausting, Fellow Felines (etc.). And I was really exhausted - so here I am, taking a rest.

Have a lovely week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Visit

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and C-a-n-i-n-e-s and Humans too)!

I had quite a scare today. At about half past two in the afternoon, Mummy shut me on the balcony. Shortly afterwards, the doorbell rang. Mummy went to open the front door and then she came to let me out  - and as she scooped me up in her arms so I couldn't escape, I saw who the Visitor was. 

Kitties - it was the V-E-T! And he had a horrid, sharp needle in his hand and he stabbed me with it! I was so frightened, kitties! The last time he was here, he stuck a needle into Pixie and then she flew away to the Bridge! Then Mummy put me down and I ran into the study, all the time expecting something dreadful to happen to Me. But it didn't. Mummy said that in all the anxiety and pain of losing Pixie last December, we had forgotten all about my Shots and so the V-E-T had come to administer them and, at the same time, to bring a new bag of my special Urinary diet. But I saw him give Mummy some Pills for me. Against worms, he said. Such Impurr-tinence! As if I would have worms! But the V-E-T said it's best to be on the safe side and since Mummy goes out every day and often meets Strange Cats, she could bring back some Virus or some Worms, unknowingly, on her clothes or her shoes.
Well, if She thinks I am going to take those pills, she will very soon learn the error of her ways! MOL.

Fellow Felines (etc.)! I don't think Mummy is as happy as I thought she would be about her impending retirement. She's been looking very worried of late - another reason why I was afraid the V-E-T was here to do something Bad to me. I thought it was Me she was so troubled about, but it seems I was wrong. I thought she would be so glad of the Opportunity to spend all of her time with Me, but she seems to be worried about having much less money than We are used to. Oh well - I must reassure her that I shan't mind not having Fancy Feast every day. The Important Thing is that we are together, her and I.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!