Sunday, April 17, 2016

All Sorts of Interesting and Impawtant News

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

It is Me here, the Mighty Shimshon (aka Shimshi, or The Little Purr-ince)!

Furrst of all, I want to remind you all that today is MY BIRTHDAY! Doesn't time fly? I am two years old today. But we aren't going to have my birthday pawty today. That is because my sisfur, Trixie, finally had her surgery last week, to fix her ladycat parts so she doesn't get those funny feelings she was telling you about, and she is still re-cu-purr-ating (goodness! what a long word!) so we have decided to postpone my party until after she has her stitches out (which will be next Sunday) and celebrate on my birthday according to the Hebrew calendar,during Chol Hamoed Pessach, on the 17th of Nissan. Funnily enough, that is the day after Mummy's Hebrew birthday, and falls next Monday, the day after Trixie has her stitches removed.

I am letting you all know now, so you will have plenty of time to clear your diaries and pre-purr for My Pawty. (Of course, a month after that, it will be time for my Gotcha Day Pawty, and We did consider merging the two but then We decided that there is no sense in skipping a purr-fectly good excuse to pawty! Two pawties are so much better than one, don't you agree?)

I have hardly seen Trixie since she had her surgery, because Mummy has put her in a Private Ward, with her own bathroom and dining room so that We Boys (as She calls Us) can't disturb her with our boisterous games! And Trixie has been getting extra Fancy Feast and treats, because, at furrst, She didn't feel like eating at all. But now, She's coming along nicely, Mummy says, and will no doubt tell you all about her expurriences herself, once her stitches are out and she can come out to play with Us Boys Mancats.

Now, I am going to go back and have a little nap till lunchtime. I hope to see you all at My Pawty next week. 

'Bye for now.

PS. Trixie and Caspurr send their love.

Monday, April 11, 2016

She Remembered!

She remembered! Yes, She did!

I wasn't sure She would, She's a bit absent-minded sometimes and there have been times She has fur-gotten!
Like when She fur-got My Birthday last month!
Of course, She is several hundred years old already, by Our Reckoning, so She can't help fur-getting things now and then (mol).

But this year, She has actually been going on about it for at least a week and reminding Me that Today is My Gotcha Day!
My Third Gotcha Day, to be purr-cise.
Imagine that!

Some of you may remember when I furrst came to live with Big Sisfur Trixie and Mummy. I was furry tiny then. This is the furrst picture Mummy effur took of me:

A month passed and I grew and grew, and Mummy kept snapping away with her Flashy Box, and telling people how cute I was:

I don't know why it is, but for some reason, Humans seem to love that pose, and I myself soon learned that they consider it an open invitation to snorgle my belly.
So I purr-fected it:

and still use it today:

When I furrst arrived, there was just Mummy and Trixie and Me. Trixie taught Me about all sorts of Impawtant Things, like Smacky-Paws Boxing and Bird-Watching.

By the time Our New Little Brofur Shimshi joined Us, a year later, I was already a Grown-Up Kitty and was able to pass on all I had learned from Trixie, plus a few other things I had picked up along the way - such as Synchronised Sleeping Techniques.

And, of course, Shimshi helps Me get up to some really great Mischiefs - like climbing out of the living room window, onto the window-sill, which really freaks Mummy out (mol):

I must confess, I quite like being a Big Brofur.

Yes, I have to say, Life is Good.

Caspurr, the Tigger-Tabby King