Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At Our Wits' End

Hallo, Effurrybody!

It's Me again, Queen Trixie, Empress of Jerusalem, Israel and the Entire Middle East. Mummy and I urgently need your advice!

The Thing is this: you pur-robably remember how We told you that, although my ladycat parts were stolen almost three years ago, I have still been getting these strange urges throughout the spring and summer, which make Me roll about on the floor and call furry loudly day and night, and even (hanging head in shame and looking around to make sure We aren't overheard) occasionally pee on the sofa.  But it's got much worse. This year, the Funny Feelings didn't even wait until the spring, but started in January already, and they seem to be getting stronger all the time. 
Mummy tries to be understanding but it got too much for her when I started peeing on the floor, on her Our new sofa, and on the woodwork (which leaves a permanent stain, so that the only way to get rid of it is to have the woodwork re-varnished), and even on the bed.

Kitties - she screamed at Me! She told Me she would send me away! And then She burst into tears and said she couldn't take it any more.

But I can't stop, kitties! I don't mean to make Mummy unhappy, but I have to mark effurrything with my scent, and I have to call out at the top of my voice at two o'clock in the morning.  I can't help Myself. I have to let all the mancats in the neighbourhood know that I am ready and waiting for them.

The other day, Mummy dragged Me off to the Evil, Stabby Place to see the V-E-T, who stole some of my bloods and sent them off to a place called "The Lab". Their tests con-furrmed high levels of something called oestrogen, which Mummy says is what makes Me have these uncomfortable feelings. And the V-E-T, Dr. Einat,  also consulted with another lady V-E-T, who is supposed to be some sort of an expert on this kind of purr-oblem (which is called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome). Dr. Einat reported back to Mummy what Dr. Smadar said, and it seems the choice is between further surgery to remove the remnants (with no absolute guarantee of success) and hormone injections, which the expert lady V-E-T told Dr. Einat do not have side effects. But from what Mummy has read on the Internet, hormonal treatments can have side effects.
Both courses of treatment are expensive and, for the operation, Mummy would have to take me to Dr. Smadar's clinic in Ramat Gan.

Mummy wanted to talk to the expert lady V-E-T herself, but could only get someone from her clinic who says the expert is furry busy and hasn't got time to talk to Mummy and in any case, doesn't need to talk to Mummy because she got all the necessary in-furr-mation from Dr. Einat. She said Mummy should make the appointment for the surgery and then, when Mummy brings Me to the clinic, she'll explain effurrything Mummy needs to know. Or, she says, Mummy can bring Me furrst for a consultation (more money! And why does she want to do the procedure at her private clinic rather than at the Veterinary Hospital in Beit Dagan, where she works?)

Anyway, kitties! That's not what Mummy wants to talk to the expert about. Mummy wants to talk about whether it's better for Me to have more surgery (and even then, they might not manage to find all the ovarian cells), or to risk hormone treatment.

And Mummy says, how can she put her faith in a V-E-T who hasn't even got time to discuss My Purr-oblem with Mummy!?
Besides which, Mummy doesn't know if Dr. Smadar really is unwilling or unable to speak with her first, or whether she is being purr-tected by an over-zealous assistant.

Kitties! What do you think? What should We do?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Demolition, Death and Destruction

Greetings, Effurrybody!

Queen Trixie here! Gosh, it's been Simply Ages since We last posted!
I wanted to tell you about a New Toy that Mummy bought for Us last week.

It was a black toy mousie on a kind of springy thingy that She thought would be great for practicing Smacky-Paws Boxing, when no Spurr-ing Purrtner was available:

The boys loved it, of course (mol)!

However, it didn't take Shimshi more than five minutes to tear the mousie off the top of the spring and pull one of its ears off. Mummy stuck it back, of course - several times, in fact - but, as you know, Shimshi displays great Purr-severance whenever there are oppurrtunities for Demolition and Destruction, so it wasn't long before Our New Toy looked like this:

From then on, it was a downhill spiral for that poor mousie. Caspurr got his teeth and claws into it, ripped off its tail and then purroceeded to eat its fur!
Pretty soon, this was all that was left of the mousie:

I would say that mousie was well and truly dedded, wouldn't you?
Of course, Mummy has purr-omised to sew its ears and tail back on again, but We aren't exactly Holding Our Breath, because She also said She thinks these cheap, Chinese toys are dangerous for Kitties and maybe also for Humans, too. She says She won't buy them anymore.

Looks like We are going to have to make our own toys from now on, because the Good Stuff is Expensive!

Maybe Shimshi had the Right Idea about the Phone Cord (mol).....