Saturday, September 20, 2014

Settling In

Hallo again, Effurybody!

It's been an age, hasn't it? But We were so busy helping Mummy to unpack and get things organised in Our New Home, We've had no time for blogging.

Furrst of all, I must tell you, the Move was rather traumatic - especially for Caspurr and for Mummy. While the packers were finishing up the packing on Moving Day, Mummy shut Us up on the balcony with plenty of food and water and two litter boxes, so as to be Out of the Way. But then, She left us all alone in the empty apartment while She went with the movers to the new apartment, because She had decided - after consultation with the V-E-T - that it would be less stressful for Us to be able to roam freely for a few hours in a familiar place (albeit empty) than to be shut up in a cat carrier in the new place, with the movers  dumping boxes and packing cases effurywhere. Because the new flat didn't yet have interior doors, so she couldn't shut Us in one room till they had gone (the new doors were supposed to be installed two days later, but, in fact, they didn't arrive till Thursday, five days after the Big Move).

After a few hours, She came back for Us, but Caspurr was so stressed-out, he scratched Mummy really badly and took refuge on top of the highest kitchen cabinet. So Mummy took Us  (Me and Shimshi) to the New Flat and then went back for Caspurr.

Caspurr told Me later that even then, he wouldn't have come down, only Step-Grandma got a long stick and POKED him with it, so he jumped down and ran into what used to be the bedroom. And then Mummy went in after him with the PTU and closed the door behind her so he couldn't escape. And she was crying and effurything and She BEGGED him to get into the Carrier, otherwise She'd have to leave him there - so he finally dashed into it, probably reckoning it was the only safe place. And then She brought him here, to the New Flat and released him and he dashed into the room with the most boxes and hid himself away for several days, only coming out at night to eat.

Mummy was terribly upset. What's more, the wound on her arm where Caspurr had scratched her got all swollen and red and She had to treat it with antibiotic cream!

It's been almost three weeks now since We came to live in Our New Home and We are gradually getting used to it. Shimshi took to it like a duck to water. I (Trixie, Alpha-Kitty Extraordinaire), have been working effur so hard to help Mummy, and so, too, have Shimshi and (to a lesser extent) Caspurr (who prefurrs to sleep). We have to snoopervise the opening of each and every box, investigate the contents and - since Mummy is using the opportunity to throw away a lot of what She calls "junk" - make sure She doesn't accidentally throw away something of real impawtance.

There have been some changes in Our Lifestyle. For example, there's much more room and I feel, at last, that I have My Own Space - even though Caspurr and Shimshi try to encroach on it sometimes. But knowing that Caspurr was so spooked by The Move, while I was not, has given Me the confidence to stand up for My Rights. I have also decided to allow Shimshi to play with Me sometimes - and even to share the sofa with Me, as long as he understands that I have first claim on any sun-puddles that become available.

I have to say, a lot of what Mummy promised Us has yet to materialise. Our whiffles-balcony, for example and our catio. Mummy seems to think it's more impawtant to get the rest of the flat in order first, because She's hosting the Whole Family (12 people) for the festive Rosh Hashana evening meal this Wednesday. Can you imagine that?!

But Mummy says that All Good Things are worth waiting for, so We have decided to allow her a little leeway on this.

We may not have time to blog again before Rosh Hashana, so, just in case, We shall take the opportunity now to wish you all Shana Tova, a Happy New Year, full of Blessings, Purrs and Love.