Sunday, July 26, 2020

Planning Mischiefs - Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies with Shimshi

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies and Shavua Tov (a Good Week) to you all!

Last week was furry Hot.
This week is going to be Even Hotter!
Mummy has the shutters rolled down to keep the room cool. Purrsonally, I think it wouldn't hurt to have the Air Conditioning on, but it's rather noisy. Besides which, Mummy read something about how people who sit directly under A/C units are more likely to catch the Evil Chinese Virus because the droplets are blowing about in the air.  Other people have said that's nonsense.  Mummy says She doesn't know what to believe any more and it's better to be safe than sorry. And Grandpaw says that in any case, it's not healthy to sit directly under the A/C and Mummy agrees because one can end up with a pain in the neck and shoulders that way. Anyway, if Mummy opens the big window at one end of the living room, and the window at the far end also, we can catch a nice breeze because We are quite high up, facing a valley.

You may wonder what I am doing in this picture. Trixie and Caspurr say that when the weather is as hot as this (30 C and upwards), there is really no point in doing anything, except snoozing. But some of Us have impawtant duties to attend to and the fact that it's hotter than hell even hotter than usual does not mean that these duties can be neglected. I, for instance, am Master of the Queen's Mischiefs, as you know and I am constantly giving thought to devising new, and effur more destructive Mischiefs. That is what I am doing in this picture, which is Our Entry in the Sunday Selfies blog hop hosted by the sweet Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet.  

Here is their badge: 


You can no doubt tell, from my furry intense expression, how hard I am working to concoct some really Spectacular New Mischief.

As you no doubt recall, We also purrticipate effurry week in the Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by the Beautiful and Wise Athena and her HuMum, Marie.  Here is their badge:

We went to LunaPic for assistance with Our Art this week, and since there are so many beautiful Art Effects there and We found it difficult to decide, We opted for a Collage Art effect, comprised of (clockwise from top left) Picasso, Tuscany, Nouveau and Psychedelic - the whole, surrounded by the gaudiest richest frame Mummy could find. What do you think?

Now, I believe I can hear Mummy calling Us for lunch (and if She isn't, She ought to be!) so I must be off. I will try to visit as many of you as pawsible later in the day - and if I don't manage, then later in the week. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and your Humans, purrtect them from the Evil Virus which still stalks the streets and Be Well.


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Caspurr's Sad Sunday Selfies and Caturday Art

Hallo again, Effurryone!

Caspurr here - King of the Tigger-Tabbies. 

I would like to wish you all Shavua Tov (a Good Week) - but it cannot be denied that the week has started furry, furry sadly for all of Us, with the passing of dear, sweet Mauricio (Mau), one of the Kitties Blue, who - together with their HuMom, Janet - host the weekly Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.

Mau was called away unexpectedly to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, July 17th and although his Family are heartbroken, they have bravely decided to soldier on and host the blog hop this week, in spite of their grief - and We, too, are joining it, in Mau's honour.  We know he wouldn't have wanted to miss a week.
So, Mau, this one is for you, Sweet Angel.

It is in tribute to Mau, also, that for Our Caturday Art this week, We have chosen the Sadness Effect from LunaPic, to show how sad we are at the loss of Our Furriend.

This version of the picture is Our Entry in the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by the Beautiful and Wise Kitty, Athena and her HuMum, Marie.

We were asked by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam if they could display it, and of course, We gave Our Purrmission.

We wanted to add, Mau's passing has reminded Us once again of how impawtant it is to show those We love how much they mean to Us, as often as We can, because We can neffur know how long they will be with Us. Tomorrow may be Too Late - and this is true for Humans as well as for Cats, especially with this horrible Chinese Coronavirus continuing to rampage throughout the world.

So tell your humans and your furriends and anipals that you love them, show them you care...and be well, all of you.

Purrs from the J-Cats (and Mummy Shimona)

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Recovering from a Visit to the V-E-T - Trixie's Caturday Art and Sunday Selfie

Hallo, Effurrybody!

Shavua Tov (a Good Week) to all Our Anipals!

It is My Turn to star in this week's Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies blog hops, hosted by (respectively) the Wise and Beauteous Athena and her HuMum, Marie, and the Sweet, yet Unpredictable Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet.

But before I do so, I have to tell you, kitties, how Mummy tricked Me last week and whisked Me off to the V-E-T, before I realised her Fell Intent! She tempted Me with treats to get Me into the Guest Room! And then She shut the door, so I couldn't escape. I can't believe I fell for that again! I took refuge in My Kitty Cave, but She dragged Me out and popped Me into the PTU before you could say Pussy Galore - but not before I managed to leave My Signature on the back of her Treacherous Hand!  She won't try that again in a hurry!

Anyway, her excuse for this Ill Treatment was that I was overdue with my annual shots (true, but that's Her fault, not Mine) and that I had stinky breath and She feared I might have a gum infection (No Comment)!

When We got to the Place of Torture, there were a couple of people before Us. One of them was already inside, with their Woofie, and another, in the Waiting Room, had a Parrot. I have never seen a Birdie at That Place before.

Anyway, because of the Evil Coronavirus, We waited outside in the garden until it was Our turn. Naturally, I refused to cooperate when Dr. Einat tried to examine my toothies. Instead, I hissed and snarled at her - but She just smiled and invited Me to do that again. Too late, I realised that I had given her a Grandstand View of my Fangs and Gums! Tricked again!!!

Well, the Evil Vet said I did have a bit of a gum infection, but not a serious one, and She gave Mummy a tube of DentiSept to be applied three times a week. Yeah, sure! Good Luck with that, Mummy. Not happening. NOT. NO, NO, NO.
(I know Mummy is going to do what She always does - sneak up on Me when I'm asleep and apply the stuff before I have time to resist.)

After that, I got stabbed, as usual - and then We came Home and Mummy gave me Treats in a (vain) attempt to atone for her previous Ill Treatment of Me.

Well, that is My News for now.  Oh, I almost forgot! Yesterday, Shabbat morning, We were rudely awoken before 8 a.m. by the sound of Very Loud Boomies from the neighbouring Arab villages. We are used to them letting off fireworks to celebrate weddings and things, but who lets off fireworks at 8 in the morning? What is the point of fireworks if you can't see the pretty colours?

Well, Mummy phoned the Pawlice and they said that the villagers were celebrating the end of the school year and the matriculation exams. Yeah, at 8 in the morning! The Pawlice said they were "dealing with it" - but it went on all day, on and off.  Honestly! Some People!!!

We invited Mummy to join Us in the wardrobe, or UTB - but She declined.

And now, Anipals, it is time to join the blog hops.

This is the picture I have chosen for my entry in the Sunday Selfies blog hop. You can see me chilling out in one of my favourite spots, on the floor beside the fan in the bedroom.

We artified it with two new filters We found at PhotoFunia.  They are furry similar, but you must tell Us which you prefurr.  

Furrst of all, here is the picture seen through the Cloud Filter.  It looks as if I am flying through the clouds on My Magical Flying Carpet, doesn't it?

And here is the same picture, using the Artistic Filter:

Is it Our Imagination, or do I look as if I am on fire in the second photo?

As I said, one (or both) of these pictures will represent Us in the Caturday Art blog hop.

Now, here are the badges for both blog hops: 


And that's all for now, Anipals. Arrifurrderci - and don't forget to look after your Humans and keep them safe from the Evil Coronavirus.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Intruders at Grandpaw's - Caturday Art and Sunday Guest Selfie

Hallo again, Effurrybody!

We apawlogise for having missed last week's Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by the Wise and Beautiful Athena and her HuMum, Marie, as well as the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by the wonderful Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet.

You see, Mummy abandoned Us for the Entire Weekend! Step-Grandma went off to Safad for a few days to visit her friends, leaving Grandpaw all alone (well, except for Our Uncle Messi, the Woofie), and so Mummy went to stay with him for the weekend because he's her Daddy and he's almost 93 human years old. She was away for Three Whole Nights - only coming back effurry day for a couple of hours to feed Us and play with Us a bit, and so We didn't want to lose Purrecious Minutes with her writing bloggies.

Grandpaw and Step-Grandma have a big garden, where Uncle Messi likes to hang out, enjoying the huge sunpuddles.  This is his Territory, so when Intruders dare to - well, Intrude - you can be sure that Messi will demand that they leave, in no uncertain terms.

Well, the furry furrst afternoon Mummy was there, suddenly Messi, who was out in the Garden, started barking like crazy. Mummy went out to investigate, and She found that this little, itsy-bitsy kitten, whom She had seen earlier up in the road, being fed by two little boys who live next door to Grandpaw and Step-Grandma, had somehow managed to get into the next-door garden and from there, through a gap in the fence, into Grandpaw and Step-Grandma's Messi's garden!

As you can imagine, Messi was not best pleased!

Warning! Trigger Alert!  This Video contains Loud Barking by excitable Woofie!

But Messi would never actually hurt a kitty - especially not a little baby like this one - and the Intruder Kitty furry soon realised that his Bark is much worse than his Bite, and didn't turn a Whisker.

In fact, the little kitten came back several times over the course of Mummy's visit, and She couldn't resist taking several pictures of it. So We have decided to invite the sweet furry baby to be Our Guest Star this week, in both the Caturday Art and in the Sunday Selfies blog hops.

Furrst of all (since Caturday comes before Sunday - mol), here are Our Entries in the Caturday Art blog hop. Furrst, the original picture, of Messi's Furrst Encounter with the Tiny Intruder:

Here is Athena's Caturday Art badge:

We were torn between two different art effects at LunaPic.
This is the Van Gogh Effect at 50%:

And this is the Beauty Effect, also at 50%:

Which one do you prefurr?

And for the Sunday Selfies, here is a close-up picture of the sweet little kitty.
We think - at least, We hope - that he or she has been adopted by the Family next door to Grandpaw and Step-Grandma.

Furrst, here is the Kitties Blue blog hop badge:

And here is Intruder Kitty's Guest Selfie:

Now all that remains is for Us to wish you all Shavua Tov (a Good Week) and may you and your Humans continue to keep safe from the horrible Coronavirus, which looks, alas, as if it's going to be with Us for quite a while yet.