Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Fun-Filled Weekend

Hallo again, Effurryone!

It is I, Caspurr the Tigger-Tabby King!
I am completely exhausticated by all the festivities we've been having over the past few days!

Furrst of all, there was Purr-im. Mummy made Us dress up in these silly hats for the Purr-im Pawty. Trixie said She didn't see what I was getting so uptight about, nobody minds being a little undignified on Purr-im. You are supposed to dress up in funny costumes and take part in the miaowsquerade, and even get a little tipsy. 

It's all very well for Her to talk. She got to wear an elegant hat and look even more ladycatlike than usual!

And even Shimshi didn't look too silly, in his Cossack hat:

But the hat Mummy picked out for Me was not one that a self-respecting Mancat would agree to wear. The fact that I did so can point to only one thing:

I must have had a couple of niptinis too many!
Either that, or somebody (I shall name no names) spiked my Silvervine Cocktail (mol).

No sooner was Purr-im over, then it was My Birthday!
Yes, kitties! On Shabbat, I was Two Years Old.

I had Salmon and Shrimp Fancy Feast for lunch and I also received this nice Mousie as a Birthday Prezzie from Mummy.

Of course, no sooner had Mummy given it to Me, than Shimshi tried to steal it! So Mummy had no choice but to put Me and My New Mousie in the Boudoir (much to Trixie's annoyance) and to shut Shimshi out. He wasn't best pleased with that, but at least I got to play with My Prezzie and make sure it was thoroughly imbued with My Own Scent.

Instead of having another Pawty, We decided to go out to a nightclub to celebrate. I pointed out that this might be a bit of a problem, what with Shimshi being underage and all that, but Trixie said She had a furr-iend who could fix him up with a fake ID.

Our furrst stop was Kitty's Cave, but Trixie decided the floor show there was rather too risqué for Shimshi's baby eyes.  It's true that the Chorus Kitties there are Real Hot Numbers and it was My Birthday, after all, but We do have a responsibility to our little brofur, so We left and went to the Pussycat Parlour, where they prepare the best Catmint Juleps in town - and the food is good too. Their floor show isn't bad either - and I have a Date with their Star, the beauteous Miss Pussy Galorious, later this week. (Purrs).

All in all, it's been a Pretty Good Week - with the Promise of an even better one to come (mol).