Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Human's Blog

Greetings, Fellow Felines!

We have mentioned, in our profile (and a very aristocratic profile it is, too) that our Human has her own blog. We thought some of you might be interested in reading it. She writes quite a lot about political matters. She also writes about books and music and about her chief interest (besides Us, of course) - her choir.

So here is the link:

Have a good week!

Possum and Pixie

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Greetings, Fellow Felines!

Possum here - to remind you all what a very special day this is for me. July 4th is ..... My Birthday!
Today, I am 16 years old! Sweet Sixteen, my Mummy  (I mean, my Human...) says! And she opened a tin of my favourite flavour of Fancy Feast, Salmon and Ocean Whitefish. Of course, she filled Pixie's bowl too, but Pixie didn't really want it all, she doesn't have such a big appetite as I do (and besides, it isn't her Birthday today, that's not till next week), so she stepped aside and let me finish hers.

My Human says I am as handsome as I was the day we met, nearly 16 years ago. In fact, she says I'm even more handsome, if possible. You can judge for yourselves:


It was very hard to decide which picture shows Me to best advantage, so here are a couple more, all taken this year:

She also says that She loves Me very, very much. (I'll let you in on a Great Secret. I love Her very much too.)

And I love Pixie also - even though we squabble quite a lot.
(It's her Birthday next week, Fellow Felines, don't forget - July 14th.)

Pixie and I are going to have our joint Birthday Party this coming Shabbat afternoon  (July 9th) and all our Feline Friends are invited. There will be milk and cookies and smoked salmon and Birthday Cake and 21 different flavours of Fancy Feast.

We hope to see You there among our guests. (Our Human says it's not polite to ask for presents, so we won't. But we don't see any harm in just hinting how much We love getting them - mol...)

Till then, au revoir, Fellow Felines - or, as we say in Hebrew, lehitra'ot.