Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gifts Galore

Hallo, Effurrybuddies!

It is I, the Mighty Shimshon (aka Shimshi, or The Little Purrince).
Guess what happened today!

Bet you can't guess.
Can you?

Well, I'll tell you!
Mummy's Cleaning Lady bought Me a Prezzie! A Mousie with a Bell attached to its Tail!

Wait a minute! Hold on there, Little 'Un. She did not buy You a Prezzie! That Mousie belongs to ALL of Us.

But, Caspurr! She gave it to Me - as soon as She walked in the front door!

That's only because You are always the first to greet her when she arrives. You let anybody pet you! No discrimination whatsoever!

Oh, Trixie, that's not fair! I can't help it if effurrybody thinks I'm so cute, they just can't resist my mancatly charms! Besides, Caspurr always hides when the doorbell rings!

Hmphhh!  You are getting above yourself, shrimp! Sometimes you forget that I am your Older Brofur. Show some Respect.
And just remember - in this household, We believe in Commewnity Purroperty.

Well, I did let you play with My Our New Mousie, didn't I? 


And We had a great game of Pawball, didn't We?

That's true. I can't deny it...

And while the boys were playing with the New Mousie - which I wasn't furry interested in, anyway and which I completely ignored when Mummy brought it to Me later - I, Queen Trixie, Empress of Jerusalem, Israel, and the Entire Middle East, Guardian of the Boudoir and Alpha Kitty Extraordinaire, re-conquered my Imperial Perch:

And I won't be giving it up so easily (mol).

Now who's laughing? A perch in the Hand Paw is worth two in the ... well, something, anyway!

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Greetings, Effurybody!

Now that those of you in the Mewnited States of Amiaouwrica have finished with your purr-residential elections, it's time to pawty - whoever your Humans voted for.

Yes, indeed it is. And do you know why?
Because Shabbat, Caturday November 12th, is My Gotcha Day and you are all invited to celebrate with Me!

Effurry time a kitty is rescued and finds his or her Furever Home, that is a reason to rejoice and be glad.

And this invitation also extends to my furr-iends in the rest of the world, of course!

We are expecting good weather on Shabbat - hazy sunshine and temperatures up to 24 degrees Celsius - so We are going to have the Pawty up in the Enchanted Forest. However, since it gets dark really early now, We have decided to have a Picnic Lunch at 12 noon Israel Time (that's 10 am GMT).

That stands for Répondez, s'il vous plaît, which means "Reply, if you purr-lease" in Furrench!)

Now, I have been working furry hard all morning, snoopervising Mummy's Cleaning Lady, and it's time to put my feets up and have a Nap.

See you all on Shabbat.

Hugs, nose-rubs and kitty-kissies from Me,

Queen Trixie, Empress of Jerusalem, Israel and the Entire Middle East, Guardian of the Boudoir, Alpha Kitty Extraordinaire.