Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shimshi's Second Gotcha Day Anniversary

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

I expect you are all wondering why you weren't invited to my Gotcha Day Pawty on Sunday.


Well, the reason is simple. We didn't have one! We decided that it was too hot (about 38 degrees Celsius)! Who has the energy to prepurr a pawty when the air feels like a dry sauna?!

Today, however, it is much cooler, so, after consultations between the three of Us and Our Human, We have decided to hold the Pawty this coming Shabbat afternoon (21st May) at 6 pm. At that time, it should be neither too hot, nor too cold, but JUST RIGHT, so effurryone should be satisfied.

So make sure your Tunnels and Esses and whateffur other Forms of Transportation you have are in good working order, because We are expecting to see you all at the biggest Pawty effur.

The Mighty Shimshon (aka Shimshi, or The Little Purrince)

PeeEss: Prezzies will - as always - be welcome. Not that I would DREAM of asking for them. Mummy says that's not purrlite... (mol)