Saturday, June 22, 2019

Caturday Art: An Eventful Week

Greetings, Effurryone!

It is I, Caspurr the Courageous, King of the Tigger-Tabbies, here to tell you what a furry eventful week it has been and how I have more than lived up to My Name!

Furrst of all, last weekend, Mummy noticed that as well as often having my adorable pink tongue stuck out most of the time, I had started to drool - and She also said that I had (whisper) Bad Breath. After getting in a Panic and thinking I had maybe got all sorts of Terrible and Nameless Diseases, she finally settled on the purrobability that I had a gum infection. So on Sunday, she kitnapped Me and hauled Me off to the V-E-T.  She got furry cross because We had to wait HALF AN HOUR for a taxi - but, when it came, I was Furry Good and refrained from singing the Song of My People, despite the Provocation.

Any way, once we got to the surgery, I continued to behave beautifully and let Dr. Einat examine my mouth and she saw at once that I had a furry bad inflammation of my gums caused by a broken tooth right at the back. She put some paste in my mouth which must have been a local anaesthetic (another Big Word I have learned) and then she pulled out that rotten old tooth without further ado and I sat there, AS GOOD AS GOLD, and let her get on on with it, without uttering a single meow. Dr. Einat and her assistant said that I was an Absolute Dream Cat and that they had never before met a Feline who would allow them to pull a tooth without "putting them under" and without uttering a sound. But, to be honest, kitties - it was giving me such pain I would have done almost anything to be rid of it. I started feeling better almost immediately. The V-E-T gave Mummy antibiotics to administer to me twice a day for a week and also something called Dentisept, which is a paste she has to spread on my gums effury day for a week, and then three times a week for effur more - and, do you know what, kitties? Not only do I not resist taking my meds, I even come running to Mummy when I see her prepurring them for Me!
Aren't I Good?

Move over, now, Caspurr! It is My Turn!
I, Queen Trixie, want to tell you that after cleaning the appawtment by herself for the past couple of years, Mummy decided to try out a couple who started working recently for her stepsister, and they came to clean the appawtment last Wednesday. Of course, since there were two of them, they can get it done much faster than just one, which means We have to be shut up in one of the rooms for less time. However, when the time came to clean the room where We were, Mummy had to move Us into the bedroom, which had already been cleaned. I was the furrst to be moved, but Mummy hadn't warned the cleaners to stay out of sight and when I saw Two Total Strangers in the house, I Freaked Out and tried to escape from Mummy's Arms, scratching her really badly in the process. But She knew it wasn't My Fault and She didn't get mad at Me, although I know it hurt Her furry much because She was almost crying with the pain. I felt so bad about it. I didn't know how to make it up to Her until Furriday, when She was cooking for Shabbat. Usually, when She is cooking, She shuts Us all away in the Bedroom, because the Mancats insist on jumping up on the kitchen counter. But I was too quick for her and I leapt up to My Lofty Perch atop the kitchen cupboards before She could catch Me. And there I stayed, snoopervising her all the time She was cooking and encouraging her to get it done quickly. You see, if I had let her shut Me away with the boys, She would have been taking breaks effury so often to check her email, or read a book or wasted time on Fursbook - but with Me in the kitchen snoopervising, She couldn't turn her back for so much as a minute, or leave the room, for fear (completely unwarranted, I have to say) that I might jump down on the counter and eat something I shouldn't, like onions, for instance (which are furry, furry bad for kitties). So, you see, I helped her get the Shabbat cooking done in record time (mol).

Okay, Trixie! Now I, the Mighty Shimshi, want to have My say too!
I want to tell all Our Furriends about how We purrtected Mummy from an Evil Cockroach on Furriday night. We spotted it lurking in the kitchen. We would have liked to play with it for a bit before dedding it, but Mummy was screaming at Us all the time to kill it. Well, We held it at bay and then Mummy came and threw the book at it. That is to say, she dropped the Telephone Directory on it and squished it and then She scooped up the Corpse with the Brush and Pan and tossed it out of the window. I do think She  might have let Us eat it, don't you? It would have made a nice crunchy snack. But Mummy said She wasn't having That Thing in the house a moment longer than necessary and out it went.  Now Mummy is in something of a Quandary (You see, Caspurr? You aren't the only one who knows some Big Words). She would like to really "go to town" with the insecticide, but She is terribly afraid of accidentally poisoning Us - like the dear little kitty She saw at the V-E-T's on Sunday, who had accidentally ingested some of the insecticide when her home was de-bugged a few days earlier. Mummy says She would rather have the odd cockroach or two than risk poisoning Us.

Now, kitties (and other Anipals, and Human Admirers too), We are pawticipating in this week's Caturday Art Blog, hosted by the Beautiful and Wise Kitty, Athena, and her Human, Marie.

The original photo is one of those rare ones where We are all zonked out peacefully chillaxing out together on the bed:

Mummy cropped it and then artified it with her favourite LunaPic, using the Beauty Effect at 75%. Finally, She added a Picture Frame Border:

And now, We are almost ready to go. All that remains is for Us to wish you all Shavua Tov - a Good Week - and to add the Blog Hop Badge: 

That's it. Let's Blog Hop:

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Caturday Art: In Memory of Minxie

Hallo again, Effurrybody!

Today, We are celebrating the memory of Mummy's furry furrst Furbaby, the beautiful Minxie, Queen of Cats.

Minxie was born on June 15th, 1980, so Today would have been her Birthday. Mummy had neffur had a Furbaby before and Minxie filled her life with Joy and Wonder.

Mummy has told Us all about Minxie, because We believe that it is furry impawtant to learn about the Kitties who came before Us. This is part of Our Heritage - and it is pawticularly impawtant, because Minxie went to the Bridge long before Mummy started blogging, and if We don't write about her, no-one but Us will know about her and how beautiful and loving she was, and how Mummy's heart was broken. Minxie was an amazing kitty, who used to run to the window when Mummy came home from Work and called to her from the carpark down below. She would meow hallo to Mummy and then, she would run to the door to greet Her.

When Mummy would lie on the sofa, watching TeeVee, Minxie liked to lie on Mummy's chest, watching Mummy. Sometimes, she would go to sleep there - and then Mummy just had to stay put until Minxie woke up!
And, unlike Us (so Mummy claims), she neffur used to eat the houseplants (mol).

Unfortunately, when Minxie was just 14 years old, she got a horrible, nasty, Evil Cancer. The v-e-t opurrated on her and tried to remove it, but it was too far advanced and Minxie didn't recover, but grew weaker and weaker. It wasn't long before Mummy discovered another lump in Minxie's tummy and realised it would be cruel to put her through any further opurrations and that the time had come to help her Beloved Baby go home to the Great Cat in the Sky.
That happened on June 12th, 1995 - just three days before what would have been Minxie's 15th birthday.

Minxie lived her whole life before The Digital Age, so the only pictures of her that Mummy has, were taken with one of those Old-Fashioned Cameras, where you had to take the film into a photography shop to be developed. She has scanned some of the pictures into her computer and she has chosen one of them - with Our Help - to take part in the Caturday Art Blog Hop hosted by the furry Wise Kitty Athena and her Human, Marie.

Here is the original picture, of Minxie sitting in one of her Favourite Places - the Bathtub:

If there was a towel draped over the side of the bathtub, Minxie would drag it down into the tub, and sit on it! Well, wouldn't you? It's much more comfortable to sit on a towel than on the (possibly damp) floor of the bath-tub!

Mummy used LunaPic to artify the picture. Since Minxie liked sitting in the bathtub, Mummy added the Water Filter and then the Splash Effect at 50%. And she made a kind of oval frame, which makes it seem as if Minxie is sitting in a jacuzzi (mol). At least, that what Mummy thinks. We think it looks as if Minxie is swimming!
What do you think?

Finally, Mummy found this Brussels Museum effect at PhotoFunia, so that Minxie's extraordinary Beauty could be displayed to the world in a suitable setting:

Now, before We join the Blog Hop, as usual, We want to wish you all Shavua Tov - a Good Week.

And off We go:

Furrst, here is The Badge:  


And let's go!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Colourful Caturday Art

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

It has been so hot this week (up to 39 Celsius) that none of Us had the energy to do much, other than eat and sleep. Those of Us with any sense, that is. Our Human, however, felt it incumbent upon her to Clean the Appawtment. True, She had the Air Conditioning on, but still - why do Humans feel the need to waste energy on cleaning something that will only need to be cleaned again in a few days???

Maybe having to do without TeeVee for the whole week has driven her even crazier than usual slightly crazy (mol). It's still Out of Order, by the way...

Anyway, since She was plainly temporarily deranged, I, the Mighty Shimshon (Shimshi for short) a.k.a. The Little Purrince, felt it incumbent upon Me to keep her under close snoopervision. This I did from the safety of the top of the kitchen cupboards, where She couldn't get at Me and shut Me away in the bedroom which She usually does when She does the cleaning.

But She still managed to get a shot of Me up there, which She has embellished (isn't that a grand, fancy word?) with the Fantasy Art effect from LunaPic.

You can tell from this picture how furry closely I was following her effurry move, can't you?

We have decided that this picture is worthy of taking part in the Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by that immeasurably Wise Kitty Athena, and her Human, Marie. 

Before We do so, We would like to take this Oppurtunity, as is Our Wont, to wish you all Shavua Tov - a Good Week. 

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