Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No More Nameless Babies

Hallo, Effurrybody!

Mummy did a lot of thinking after her last bloggie post, about the poor kitty that flew away to the Bridge without even having a name, and She felt so bad about the whole thing that She has decided that from now on, none of "her" kitties will be nameless. So now, She has given all of her "regulars" names. She even has a name, in her own mind, for the poor dead kitty. He or she reminded Mummy of Angel Possum, (although Possum's fur was much thicker and his tail much floofier) so She thinks of him/her as Possytwo.

The other kitty with Possum's colouring looked so much like the poor Angel Kitty, that Mummy calls him (or her) Doppelganger.
Here is a picture of her (or him):

There are two more kitties who look so furry much alike that Mummy can only tell them apart when they are both there in front of her. Both of them have thick, thick fur and floofy tails. Mummy calls one of them Fluffy and the other, (who is slightly smaller, but you can only see that when they are together) Floofy.

Here is a picture of Fluffy:

And here (Mummy thinks) is a picture of Floofy:

Mummy calls this next kitty, who is one of the really shy ones, Brindle:

And this one - also one of the shyer kitties - is Ginger. We wonder why (mol).

Now, here is a kitty that has turned up recently and Mummy isn't sure what name to give him or her. She is considering Rainbow, because of the many colours, but somehow, that doesn't sound like a furry kitty-like name. What do you think? Has anyone got any suggestions?

Mummy has promised to try to take more pictures in future, so We can introduce the other Homeless Kitties to you.
In the meantime, pawpats and kitty kissies to you all.

Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi