Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Storm of the Century

Hallo, Effurrybody!

It is I, Queen Trixie, Alpha-Kitty Extraordinaire!

Last week, for the third or fourth time in My Life (which has, so far, lasted all of two and a half years), We had a storm of the kind which, according to the Human Weather Forecaster, we witness "only once in a Century".

Mummy had the heating on all day and my brofurs and I sat by the windows and watched the pretty white snowflakes falling.

And Mummy played with Us and threw Ping Pong Balls around for Us to chase.

But best of all, once the snow had stopped falling and the sun came out, She let Us out of the flat onto the entrance porch, to have an up close and purr-sonal look at the snow.

Caspurr didn't like it furry much. He was more interested in the possibility of munching on the flowers. I, purr-sonally, can take it or leave it. Mostly leave it (mol). We all decided it was better indoors, where we could stretch out on one of the radiators. But I was not pleased when Shimshi decided to steal my favourite radiator perch!!!

That Baby Mancat has waaaaaaay too much Chutzpah for my liking!
Wouldn't you agree?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Continuing Ordeal of Shimshi

Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

It seems there is no end to the Trauma and Humiliation that a Human can inflict on a Poor, Innocent, Unsuspecting Kitty! 

You wouldn't believe what Mummy did to Me the other day! 

On Thursday morning, She scooped Me up and put me in my Travelling Cage and locked the door. Then She told Me not to worry about anything, She was taking Me to be "fixed". 

I was furry confused, kitties! I tried to explain that there wasn't any need to fix Me, nothing was broken, effurrything was in purr-fect working order. But She just didn't listen. And then, Caspurr came in and told Me what Mummy meant. 

At furrst, I didn't believe him. But then he explained that he, too, had been "fixed". So when Mummy got Me to the Evil V-e-t's clinic, I absolutely refused to emerge from my cage and when Mummy tried to get Me out, I scratched Her. And I hissed and spat and wouldn't let anyone near Me. So the Evil V-e-t brought a special cage with moving walls and they tipped Me into it and squeezed Me against one of the sides and stabbed Me with a horrid, sharp needle. Mummy said She would stay with Me till I went to sleep, but I wouldn't go to sleep. I fought against it. After a few minutes, when the v-e-t  saw that I was still awake, she stabbed Me again!!! And this time, the Evil Drug they gave Me was too strong for Me and I drifted off, and the next thing I knew, I was lying in my own cage, feeling really sick and groggy.But as soon as I could, I took a peek to see if what Caspurr had told Me was true, and oh! Kitties! - It was!!!

My Mancat Parts had been stolen!!!

In the afternoon, Mummy came back to collect Me and take Me home and She put Me in the Guest Kitty Room on my own, with food and water and a litter box, and closed the door so that Trixie and Caspurr couldn't bother Me, because I was still feeling a bit weak and groggy from the after-effects of the Evil Drug that the v-e-t gave Me to make Me fall asleep. She kept checking up on Me every half an hour or so. She got worried because I vomited all my food and phoned the Evil V-e-t, Dr. Einat, but Einat said this was normal.

I don't understand why Mummy would let them do this to Me. I did overhear Her telling the v-e-t I had become furry aggressive of late, and peed on her dressing-gown.  Is it maybe a punishment?

Caspurr says I'll get over it, the way he did and will be as right as rain (what's so right about rain, anyway?).

Mummy bought Us some extra treats but I'm not sure that even three new nip-mousies can make up for such an assault upon My Purr-son! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Our Wonderful Weekend

Hallo there, Effurryone!

It is I, Caspurr the Tigger Tabby.
We had a furry pleasant weekend, doing nothing much but snuggling up to Mummy while She watches TV.

Oh, and I gave her a treat yesterday. I had been thinking about this for quite a while. On Saturday mornings, She likes to sleep late, which means We have to wait quite a long time for Our Breakfast. So I was thinking, how can I wake her up gently. I thought and thought, and then I came up with a brainwave! How about a shampoo and head massage?

No sooner had the idea come to Me, than Deed followed Thought. Out came my raspy little pink tongue and I started vigorously grooming Mummy. 
And She woke up.
And She said it tickled.
But She didn't push Me away.
But - She didn't get up.

So I called on Shimshi for assistance. And he jumped on her tummy. 
So She rolled over on her side and Shimshi and I called on Trixie to help Us.
Trixie, being a ladycat, was much more subtle. She gently took Mummy's hand between her teeth and pulled - effur so gently, at furrst and then, when that didn't work, a bit more insistently.

And Mummy finally awoke from her dream (which was probably about which flavour Fancy Feast She was going to give Us for Our Shabbat Breakfast) and, with heroic devotion to Our Welfare, dragged herself from her Nice Warm Bed and set about her Duty of Feeding Us.

After that, She made herself some coffee and a sandwich and went back to bed, while We did our Morning Exercise - zoomies on the staircase. Then we went and curled up on the sofa and rested and waited patiently for Mummy to give Us lunch.

We hope you all had a similarly restful weekend. Do drop by and tell Us all about it.
We love hearing from our anipals and also from our Human admirers.

Have a great week.