Friday, August 26, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons

Greetings, Fellow Felines!

Well, our Human is now back from her annual trip to London (which is a big, big city far away over the sea, in the land where She was born) and while She was away, leaving Us in the care of our Catsitter, Luba, We decided to put the time to good use and broaden our literary horizons. Her brother sent her a reading list for Us and We would like to share it with you.

a) The Thoughts of Chairman Miaou.
This Chairman Miaou was a Commiaownist. We have never studied Political Science, so We weren't sure what Commiaownism is. Our Human explained that it is a political and economic system. She says she disapproves of this system but that it's always wise to read and understand even the Bad Ideas, so as to be able to present Intelligent Arguments against them. That sounds logical to Us - only We found the book rather boring :-(

b) I, Clawdius by Robert Graves
This was rather more to our taste, being a thrilling historical novel, set in Ancient Rome. Furthermore, We remember the series which was shown on the big screen with the moving pictures, in the living room.

c) Rich Man, Paw Man by Irwin Shaw. That was very long and We haven't got round to it yet.

d) The Whisker Trilogy   - 3 plays by Arnold Whisker. We get the impression that he, too, was a bit of a Commiaownist.

e) The Three Mousketeers by Alexandre Dumouse
Another exciting historical romance, set in 17th century France. This was one of our favourites! 

f) Last - but by no means least - The Miaowses Legacy - by Adam Palmer, a thrilling tale of secret agents, assassins, international conspiracies and deadly secrets thousands of years old.This was our favourite. And you know what, Fellow Felines? We're going to let you into a little secret of our own. This book was written by our Human's brother. Adam Palmer is his pen name. That's right, Kitties. Our human uncle is a real, live, published author.