Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Miaowntaneer

Greetings, Effurrybody!

I have been ever so adventurous this week, and I have discovered some
purr-fectly glorious places to climb. First of all, although it's great fun to sit on Mummy's clean laundry, I find it's even more fun to pull myself up onto the laundry line and sit there before the laundry dries:

Mummy got a bit upset about that, and told me to get down and find some place else so I ran into the kitchen and discovered a Truly Purr-fect Place, where my Human can't possibly follow. It's right on top of the highest of the kitchen cupboards. It's my Mount Effurest!

Of course, when the weather is nice and sunny, as it was for most of the week, it's better to be out of doors, especially if there's a birdie chirping cheekily away right outside the window, almost as if it were taunting Me, knowing I'm trapped indoors and can't get at it. Naturally, I tried to haul myself up, but the kitchen window doesn't have a proper window-sill, so I had to just hang on there as long as I could:

Mummy gave me a special Treat this week. She planted some grass just for Me. She has been growing it, secretly, in the bathroom, so I couldn't get at it so as to keep it a secret till it was fully grown and surprise Me. Today she gave it to Me. Well, as you can imagine, Kitties, since she's always trying to keep Me away from the houseplants, I was suspicious at first. You know what they say: Beware of Greeks Humans bearing gifts. But I couldn't resist for long. It had such a lovely, fresh, grassy scent. (Mummy says to tell you all that it isn't the kind of grass you can get high on. I don't quite understand what that means. Can somebody please explain?) Anyway, as soon as I was sure it wasn't some kind of Devious Trap, I went and lay on it and squashed it all flat and then I started pulling it up by the roots and getting earth all over the place. Mummy did not look happy, but she didn't say anything, just tried to put the earth back. Then I nibbled some of it - quite a lot of it, actually. It was nice. Mummy says not to finish it all off in one go, it takes time to grow.
Wasn't she a thoughtful Mummy? I love her very much. And you can see how much she loves me, can't you?

Well, that's all my news for now. I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Trixie the Black Panther


JC said...

You are talented. The only one that does that in my Purr Gang is my Siamese.

CATachresis said...

Hi Trixie, you certainly like to take control mol!!

You were asking about the Valentine's Ball? Well here is the link to where I mention it on my blog.
I would be delighted to have a dance or two with you Trixie!! :)

love, Austin the Tux xx

Terri said...

Kitties always pull the grass out of the soil! Tell your mommy to cut the grass off with scissors and give the pieces to you. Kitties enjoy the grass and the the roots remain firmly in the soil :)

shimona from the palace said...


The problem is, she enjoys digging in the soil. She also enjoys SITTING on plants. This was the only way I could stop her destroying my houseplants:-(

Shimona (Trixie's Desperate Mum)

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, Trixie, we are very impressed by your climbing prowess! That picture of you hanging on the windowsill is amazing.

How nice of your Mummy to get you that grass. She loves you so! It sounds very tasty! :)

Anonymous said...
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Katie Isabella said...

Oh Trixie, you have really learned well from Possum and Pixie about how to rule the world you have inherited! BRAVO! And your tail is as full and beautiful as can be. Mom smiled to see it because it looks like mine as well.

I did the same thing with my kitty grass that mommy grew for me. She thinks she might do as the kitty suggested in your bloggie..cut the grass for me. I also try to eat houseplants and dig in dirt so mommy gave up keeping them except the one she got from her own mom. That one stays and mom guards it closely.

Ask your mom to think about having a plant holder that attaches to the ceiling or to the wall so as to keep the plants out of your reach?