Friday, April 26, 2013

Post -Op Blues

Hallo, Effurrybody!

What a week it's been! On Tuesday morning, I had a feeling my Human was plotting something against Me, so as soon as I heard her getting up, I retreated to the very top of the highest kitchen cupboards. But it didn't help. She climbed up on a chair and gently lifted Me down. I suppose I could have bitten and scratched her, but I was Very Good and I allowed her to put me in my Carriage, with only a Minimal Protest.

Big Mistake!

She took Me to the v-e-t, where they used evil, unnatural methods to make Me fall asleep. And while I was unconscious, they cut open my tummy and did something to my ladycat parts, so that I won't get those strange, uncomfortable feelings I told you about before. Then they sewed Me up again and now, I have stitches in my tummy. When I woke up, I felt ever so weak and woozy. After a few hours, Mummy came and took Me home, and there, I was sick on the carpet. 

Mummy was afraid Caspurr would pester Me and might cause my stitches to come out before the time is right (next Friday), so she decided to keep us apart for a few days. She set up separate - umm, facilities - for Me and made sure that whenever one of us was roaming about the apartment, the other would be shut in one of the rooms. And last night, I slept on Mummy's bed, curled up on her feet, just like I used to do before Caspurr came along.Today, she let us both out together - under her purr-sonal snoopervision - and we chased each other for a while and had a smackypaws fight.

I'm glad that I won't be having those awkward feelings any more, but I understand that I'll never be able to have kittens of my own now, which makes me a bit sad. On the other hand, if little kittens are all such pests as my little brofur, maybe that's a Good Thing (mol).

I still have to have something called "Antibiotics" twice a day, which Mummy gives me as drops. They don't taste very nice, but they are bearable and I'm Ever So Good about taking them. I have to set a Good Example to Caspurr, Mummy says. 

The thing that worries Me now is that until I regain my full strength, Caspurr might start getting Funny Ideas Above His Station. He needs to be reminded that there is just ONE Alpha Kitty in this house - and that Kitty is ...

Trixie the Black Panfur


Mariodacat said...

Oh dear, well I think he'll remember who really rules the house. You'll just have to remind him with a couple of swats! He'll get the message again.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Trixie, we're glad all went well and that you're home and on the mend!

We were struck, in the photo, by the distance you two are keeping--you're idea, probably. LOL. Maybe one day you'll both be snuggled up together!

JC said...

Glad that your vet visit went fine. It's a good idea that you won't have kittens. Too many without homes .. we all know that story.

Photo of you and your brother together but not .. love it. Nothing like leaning on something the Mom loves and taking a nap.


CATachresis said...

Trixie I wonder if Caspurr will have a trip to the V-e-t sometime soon? Good for you being so calm about having your ladyparts adjusted!

meowmeowmans said...

Trixie, we are glad you are doing okay after your surgery. Surely once you are healed up, Caspurr will see that you are at full strength and cede to your status as Queen of the house. :)

Katie Isabella said...

Oh Trixie. I know I saw your news on Face Book but here I am looking at your beautiful self again right here. And sweet Caspurr too.

Caspurr will need your understanding when he tooi has to make a visit to the v-e-t some day soon. xoxoxox