Sunday, September 27, 2020

Caspurr's Caturday Art and Sunday Selfie for Yom Kippaw

Greetings, Effurryone and Shavua Tov (a Good Week).

It is ME - I mean I - Caspurr the Courageous, King of the Tigger-Tabbies here this time, to represent the J-Cats in the Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by the Wise and Beautiful Athena and her HuMum, Marie and in the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by our wonderful furriends, the Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet.

Mummy woke Me up to take this Selfie, and - as you can imagine - I was not best pleased!

Then She artified it with the Luce filter from the Paper Artist app on her meowbile phone:

Here are the badges of the two blog hops:


This is going to be a furry short post today, because this evening is the start of the 25-hour-long fast of Yom Kippaw, the Mewish Day of Atonement, and We all have lots and lots to do to get ready (although only the Humans actually fast). It will be a furry strange Yom Kippaw, because of the new lockdown (see Mummy's own bloggie for more on that).

Mewish people (and kitties) believe that on Rosh Hashana (the Mew Year, which We celebrated last week), the Great Cat in the Sky judges the whole world, both animal and human, and writes down in a Big Book, the fate of each and effurryone of them. Who will live, who will die, who will prospurr, who will be brought low....
For ten days, by purrayer and good deeds, We still have the oppurtunity to change that decision - but on Yom Kippaw, in the evening, as the day ends and the stars come out, the Book is signed and sealed. That is why the traditional greeting for Yom Kippaw is "May you be sealed in the Book of Life" (G'mar chatima tova).

May you all be sealed in the Book of Life, dear Furriends. May the horrible coronavirus plague go away, may you and your Humans be happy and healthy - and may effurry kitty and woofie and effurry other lost and homeless animal find their fur-ever homes.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Getting back to Business: (Belated) Rosh Hashana Greetings, Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies

 Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

Shimshi here, wishing you Shavua Tov (a Good Week) and Shana Tova (a Good Year).  Yes, on Caturday and Sunday, We celebrated the Mewish Mew Year, Rosh Hashana. We are sorry this is all a bit late, but something furry unfortunate happened the week before last. The computer broke down and Mummy had to take it in to be fixed. It is still quite a new computer. We've only had it for two years, so it was still under warranty. Unfortunately, it seems the hard disk was corrupt and had to be replaced and a lot of stuff was lost (mostly pictures from the last three months which hadn't yet been backed up). Mummy thinks they didn't even try, because as of Friday, We are once more in lockdown and they told her that to try to recover data from the hard disk would take quite a lot of time and even then, there was no guarantee they would succeed, and meanwhile Mummy would be going into lockdown with no computer. She did borrow Grandpaw's laptop, but it is completely useless (says Mummy).  When Mummy has time, She will sit down and see what can be retrieved from "the Cloud". We didn't know that pictures can be kept up the clouds, did you? Does the Great Cat in the Sky look after them?

At any rate, Trixie decided She would guard the laptop, until Mummy has a chance to return it to Grandpaw (whom She can't go to visit because of the new lockdown).

So, Mummy got the computer back on  Thursday evening, but was furry, furry busy pre-purring for Rosh Hashana. And of course, She wouldn't sit down at the computer on Rosh Hashana itself, so this is the furrst chance We have had to blog in a fortnight.

The picture of Trixie guarding Grandpaw's laptop is Our Entry in this week's Sunday Selfies Blog Hop hosted by Our Furriends, the Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet.

Here is their badge:


And that wasn't the end of the disasters that have befallen Us this past fortnight. Caspurr got some kind of a wound on the back of his neck (no, I did not bite him!) and although, under normal circumstances, Mummy would have waited a few days to see how it  developed, and whether it was a scratch or a bite or maybe a fungus or some kind of parasite, the impending lockdown made her nervous so She called the v-e-t, who said to bring Caspurr in to see her. But when they got to the clinic, Mummy saw that Our usual lady v-e-t, Dr. Einat, wasn't there and instead, there was a young, good-looking (so Mummy says, though how could She tell, he was wearing a face-mask?) v-e-t called Dr. David. Anyway, he examined Caspurr with a sort of torch that has a blue light at the end, and he said it wasn't a fungus, it might be a scratch and it was getting better already - and he purr-scribed some ointment. Caspurr tells Me he breathed a sigh of relief at getting off so easily - but then, Mummy remembered that Caspurr hadn't yet had his annual shots and so he got stabbed! Caspurr was so brave. The EVIL v-e-t told Mummy that Caspurr was furry frightened. Mummy asked how he could know that, because Caspurr was being as good as gold and not hissing or biting or scratching. Dr. David said he could tell by the way Caspurr's pupils had narrowed. But Caspurr didn't let on and he behaved like the purrfect gentlemancat that he is. My Big Brofur is a True Hero, he is furry, furry brave and I hope I shall always be able to live up to his standards!

Here is a picture of Me and my brofur Caspurr chilling out on the bed. Mummy artified it, so We could use it as Our Entry in this week's Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by the Wise and Beautiful Athena and her HuMum, Marie:

Mummy isn't sure, but She thinks She used the Dark art effect from LunaPic.  
And here is the blog hop badge:

Now, all that is left to do before We set off on Our Blog Hopping expedition and visit Our Furriends, is to remind you all that the Evil Chinese Coronavirus is still with Us. Many countries, not only Israel, have expurrienced an upsurge in new cases and are heading for a second lockdown or other restrictions. So make sure your Humans stick to all the rules designed to purrtect them, wear their facemasks, observe social distancing guidelines and keep washing their paws hands.

And let us all purray to the Great Cat in the Sky to make the Evil Virus go away and to send Us all a Good and Sweet Year.  

Sunday, September 6, 2020

A Pause for Paws: Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies with Shimshi

Hallo there, Effurrybuddies!

Shimshi, here. I would like to wish you all Shavua Tov (a Good Week), but once again, the week has got off to a furry sad start, with the news that sweet Allie, from the Friends FurEver blog, has flown away to the Rainbow Bridge, to join her beloved husband Mauricio (Mau) of The Cat On My Head blog, who himself left for the Bridge less than two months ago.

The Kitties Blue  (Allie's in-laws) have naturally dedicated the Sunday Selfies blog hop to beautiful Allie and the hop will take place, even though though their HuMom, Janet hasn't been well herself. We wish her a full and speedy recovery.

I didn't really feel like taking any selfies after hearing such sad news. We have lost far too many furriends this year and even these past few weeks, and I don't really feel like blog-hopping today. So I hid under the fridge. But Mummy said We owe it to Allie. We are hopping in her honour.

Besides which, We should neffur put off visiting Our Furriends. We should always remember, (especially in these days of the Evil Chinese Coronavirus), that Tomorrow is no longer a Certainty (if it effur was) and that for some of Us, Tomorrow may neffur come :-(

Here, then, is Our Entry:

If you look hard enough, you can also see my white pawsies, which I happen to think are effury bit as beautiful as Caspurr's pawsies, which We showed you last week.  In case you can't, here is a close-up:

This weekend was even hotter than last weekend. In Jerusalem, where We live, the tempurrature reached 42.8 degrees Celsius! And in Eilat, it hit 49.8!!! EEEEEEEK! Is it any wonder I took refuge under the fridge?  I would have climbed INTO it, if I could!

At all events, the Extreme Heat was the inspurration for Our Caturday Art entry in the blog hop hosted by the lovely Athena and her HuMum, Marie:

But don't worry. I wasn't really in any danger from the flames.  They are just an optical illusion, created with the Flames effect from LunaPic.

Now it is time to start hopping, Dear Furriends. We will be seeing you.
And don't forget - stay safe, keep washing your paws and make sure your Humans wear their face-masks and remember to observe all the Social Distancing rules.

Till next week...

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Caught Red-Pawed: Caspurr's Caturday Art and Sunday Selfie

Hallo again, Effurryone.  Shavua Tov (a Good Week) to you all, from ME, Caspurr, King of the Tigger-Tabbies, and the rest of the J-Cats!

We've heard that some of you are having rainy weather, storms and even Hurricanes - which sound furry scary! We hope you are all safe. Here in Israel, on the other paw, We are having another week of above-average temperatures and brutal heat.  We can only dream of rain. At just before 3 pm here in Jerusalem the Capital, it's 36 degrees Celsius, with a Real Feel of 38. It was so hot last night that Mummy couldn't get to sleep. In the end, She managed about three or four hours so She's been walking about half-zonked all day (mol).
Needless to say, We Felines never have any trouble falling asleep any time, any place, anywhere. We also have the Good Sense to stay out of the Sun as much as pawsible, in these extreme weather conditions. But Humans are -well, Crazy  different. They go rushing about in the Midday Sun (just like Mad Woofies and Englishmen)  Mummy was born in England, so that might explain why She went out on Friday on one of her archaeological study trips. She will no doubt write about it in her Own Bloggie later in the week.

As usual, We are purr-ticipating in the Sunday Selfies blog hop hosted by the sweet Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet, so here is their badge:

We are also taking part in the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by the Wise and Beautiful Athena and her HuMum, Marie.

For this week's Art, We thought We would try something a little different - a picture of one of my Mighty pawsies:

We artified it with the Watercolour Art Effect from LunaPic:

I call this: "Caught Red-Pawed" (mol)!  Do you like it?  

Now, it is time to set off on the Blog Hop and visit Our Furriends. Before We go, We want to remind you (although We are sure you haven't forgotten):
Stay safe, keep washing your Paws, make sure your Humans wear their facemasks when going out, and keep reminding them to observe all the Social Distancing Rules. That Evil Coronavirus is still lurking out there and We don't want it to get your Humans, now do We?

Till next time, dear Anipals.

Now let's start blog-hopping!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Time Flies: Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies With Queen Trixie the Black Panfur

Hallo again, Effurrybody!

Here We are again, still struggling with all the Totally Unnecessary Changes to Blogger. We say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it!

On the Other Paw,  with the Mewish New Year rapidly approaching (less than a month to go! Can you believe it?), purrhaps it is a Good Time to try Something New.

Less than a month to go till Rosh Hashana - and it seems as if Pawssover was only yesterday! This horrible Coronavirus has made time go all funny, it seems!

Well, now - having got that off My Chest, it is time for Us to join the Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies blog hops. The former, as you know, is hosted by the Wise and Beautiful Athena and her HuMum, Marie, while the latter is hosted by the Darling Kitties Blue and their HuMum, Janet, who have thankfully, after some hesitation, decided to carry on doing so. 

I think most of Us will agree that Sunday is a day for relaxation and snoozing (just like Caturday, Furriday, Fursday etc. etc. - MOL) and so, in My Entry in the Sunday Selfies blog hop, that is purr-cisely what I am doing!

Mummy and I like this photo, because it displays to purrfection not only my paws (see the little white tufts between my beautiful toesies), but also my magnificent floofy tail.   Caspurr and Shimshi say I am furry vain, but I am not!  Mummy is always telling Me how Beautiful I am, and Mummy wouldn't lie to Me, would She? 

Since I have had not one, but TWO celebrations this month (My Birthday and Black Cat Appreciation Day), Mummy let Me choose not one, but TWO artsy-fartsy effects for the Caturday Art blog hop - both of them from PhotoFunia.  

In the furrst, I am a Calendar Girl. 

All the months are on one page, because We feel Mummy feels that the whole year has been stolen away by the Evil Chinese Coronavirus. She said so to her Daddy. We heard her. And if one Human Year has been stolen away, just think how much worse that must be in Cat Years!!!

The thought of that made Us rather sad, so, to cheer Us up, Mummy dedicated a new wine to Me (although I would have prefurred Catnip Liqueur):


And now, it is time to set out on Our blog hops. Here are the two badges:

One final thing before We go:  nobody seems to know what's really happening with the Evil Virus, so it's best to play safe, stay home unless you absolutely have to go out, (the virus doesn't affect kitties, but you don't want your Humans to have to come out looking for you and exposing themselves to danger unnecessarily) and make sure that when your bipeds do go out, they remember to wear their facemasks.

That's all for now. Have a Good Week (Shavua Tov)!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Still Celebrating: Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies With Shimshi

 Hallo again, Effurrybuddies!

It is Me again, Shimshi (aka The Little Purrince) wishing you all Shavua Tov (a Good Week) on behalf of the J-Cats.

We hope you all enjoyed Trixie's Birthday Pawty last Wednesday and have not fur-gotten that tomorrow, Monday August 17th, is Black Cat Appreciation Day. We will be celebrating that too, up in the Enchanted Forest, tomorrow at 6 pm Israel Time. Since Trixie is a Black Panfur, she will be Mistress of Ceremonies - that's if We can drag her away from the brand new nip-scented, corrugated cardboard scratcher which Mummy got her for her birthday (mol).

Meanwhile, since today is Sunday, We are, of course, taking part in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by Our Furriends the Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet.  The Selfie above is of Me, atop the upper kitchen cabinets.

And, of course, We are also pawticipating in the Caturday Art Blog Hop, hosted by the furry Wise Cat Goddess Athena and her HuMum, Marie. To that end, We took the above pawtrait and popped over to LunaPic, where We added the Dark Effect at 60%, as well as a frame.


The picture is currently on display at the Brussels Museum, courtesy of PhotoFunia:


Before We go, We would remind you once more to be well, to stay safe and to make sure your Humans stay safe also, by abiding by all the Social Distancing Rules - including wearing masks.

Now, here are the badges of the two bloggie hops:

See you at the Pawty tomorrow!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Bunch of Celebrations: Caturday Art and Sunday Selfies with Caspurr

 Hallo there, Effurryone!

Shavua Tov (a Good Week) to you all, from all of Us here and especially from ME, Caspurr, King of the Tigger-Tabbies!

The picture you see above is Our Official Entry in the Caturday Art Blog Hop, hosted by the Wise and Beautiful Cat Goddess, Athena, and her HuMum, Marie!

Here is their badge:   

The Original of this Pawtrait, before We artified it with the Grey art effect from LunaPic, at 75%, can be seen below. 

This one is Our Entry in the Sunday Snoozies Selfies Blog Hop hosted by the delightful Kitties Blue and their HuMom, Janet. Here is their badge: 

As you may know, this time of year is choc-a-bloc full of celebrations! Last week, We had a lovely moonlight Tu b'Av pawty up in the Enchanted Forest. And yesterday, Caturday, was International Cat Day (although actually, EFFURRY day is - or should be - International Cat Day). And this coming Wednesday,  August 12th, is My Sisfur Trixie's 8th Birthday, which We will celebrate (in the Enchanted Forest, naturally) at 7 pm Israel time and to which you are all invited. And don't forget that coming up next week is Black Cat Appreciation Day, on August 17th. We usually celebrate that and Trixie's birthday together, because they are only five days apart and Trixie is, after all, a Black Cat. But since this year has been made wretched by the Evil Chinese Coronavirus, We all think that it's best to have as many pawties and celebrations as pawsible, so - as We said - Trixie's Birthday Pawty will be on Wednesday, and We will update you next week about the details for the Black Cat Appreciation Day Pawty. Just remember to Save the Date!

Oh! I almost forgot! I wanted to tell you about the Intruder Kitty that tried to invade My Our Territory!

Yes, Fellow Felines! Incredible as it may seem, one evening last week, a ginger kitty followed Mummy home after She had been out feeding the Homeless Kitties on Our Street and jumped over the gate onto Our Porch! Mummy heard a meowing outside and She opened the front door and there was an Intruder, trying to get into the house. Mummy guessed that the intruder kitty hadn't managed to get to the feeding point before the other kitties ate up all the food, so She shooed the kitty out and closed the gate again and went to get some more kitty food. When She went back and opened the front door, the Intruder had returned! He had jumped back in over the gate once more. Mummy shooed him out again but put some food for him on the stairs, outside the gate, which She locked once more.  That seemed to do the trick because when She opened the door the following morning, the Intruder Kitty was gone. But now, he waits for Mummy effurry night when She goes down to feed the Homeless Kitties, to make sure he doesn't miss out on the food.

Now, kitties, it is time to start blog hopping. But before We do that, We want to remind you all, to take care of your Humans, make sure they wear their masks whenever they go out, and stick to the Social Distancing rules.

Be safe. Be well. And We'll see you at Trixie's Birthday Pawty on Wednesday.