Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Tribulations of Trixie

Hallo, Effurryone!

It's Me again - Caspurr Kitty! Trixie says I should have explained why it was Me rather than her who wrote the Memorial Blog for Pixie.  I should have told you all that, this morning, Mummy noticed that Trixie's right eye was completely closed so she decided to take her to the v-e-t.

Naturally, as soon as Mummy called a taxi, Trixie opened her eye. Mummy wasn't sure then whether to take her to the v-e-t or not. When She first noticed the closed eye, Mummy thought there was some kind of pus leaking from it, but then She decided it was just tears and She thought maybe Trixie had something in her eye. Then, when Trixie opened her eye, it seemed okay. But Mummy decided not to take any chances and She took Trixie to Dr. Einat (that's the nice lady v-e-t) anyway. And the v-e-t took one look at Trixie (whose eyes were both open by then) and said: "She has something wrong with her right eye." Trixie said that Dr. Einat put something in her eye to make the injury show up a different colour (Mummy says that's called a "diagnostic stain") and then she called her assistant over to take a look. And she said that Trixie had an ulcer, probably caused by a scratch - and that it's lucky Mummy brought her in right away instead of waiting another day, because we've caught it really early. In fact, she said she couldn't recall another such case where a kitty with a corneal ulcer had been brought in for treatment at such an early stage. She said to Mummy "kol hakavod" (that's like - "Jolly well done!") for spotting it and bringing Trixie in so promptly - because, if she'd waited another day, it would have been much more complicated to treat the ulcer. Mummy was so frightened. She was afraid Trixie was going to lose an eye! Even now, she's scared the v-e-t isn't telling her everything, so as not to worry her.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Dr. Einat prescribed THREE different medications for Trixie - one ointment and two different kinds of drops. The ointment has to be applied four times a day, one kind of drops has to be administered twice a day and the other, five times a day! Mummy drew up a table with lines and columns, so she can write down what she's given Trixie and when. Otherwise, she says, she's likely to get mixed up.

Trixie isn't nearly as good about taking her medications as I was, when I had to have eye drops, and medicine for ringworm. Mummy is just about managing to give her the eye drops but it's furry, furry hard to administer the ointment, she says.

The terrible thing is, kitties, I'm so afraid it might be my fault that Trixie's got an ulcer in her eye. I might have accidentally scratched her eye while we were wrestling. I do get a bit carried away at times. Mummy is always warning us to be careful, otherwise one of us would have the other's eye out. I feel so bad, kitties. Just supposing Trixie's eye doesn't get better and she loses it because of Me. I would neffur be able to forgive myself...


meowmeowmans said...

Kol hakavod, indeed! We're so glad Mummy noticed Trixie's eye when she did. Big purrs and prayers that Trixie's eye gets better soon. Don't worry, Caspurr ... accidents do happen, and we are sure that Trixie will be okay.

Hugs to you all!

Jenna and Sissy said...

You shouldn't feel guilty--those things happen when we kitties play.

We are very thankful your mommy took Trixie to the vet and start treatment promptly :)

Katie Isabella said...

Accidents happen and Trixie and mommy know it wasn't on purpose and she is gettig ALL better now. xoxox