Sunday, July 28, 2013

A New Week

Hallo, Effurrybody!

We were rather lazy last week and didn't post a blog on Fur-riday. Well, it wasn't really Us being lazy. Our Human was too "busy" to help us and, as you all know, it's hard for Us to type with our lovely, long sabre-like claws. So we contented Ourselves with wreaking Havoc everywhere until our Human got mad again and said that She really needs to buy a Much Larger House, where each of Us can have our own room. That would be really great, kitties - only she's been talking about getting a New Place for - oh, forever!

Now, why was She so busy, kitties? Well, she had one of her sisters round for supper and she cooked a lovely meal - there was chick-hen soup and roast chick-hen with roast potatoes and yams, all cooked in red wine. And lots of different salads (not that we kitties are interested in salads, of course). And I (Trixie) came and sniffed round this sister's handbag and was generally friendly, but Caspurr was a Scaredy Cat and was afraid to come near her! Wasn't that strange, kitties? Caspurr is never scared!

Caspurr here. I was NOT scared. I was cautious. I was standing back ready to pounce, in case the Unknown Sister should attack Mummy. If that were to happen, I would be better positioned to defend her!

Oh, well, if that is your story (mol). Anyway, to continue. Mummy didn't take many pictures of Us this past week, and, in fact, she hardly had the computer thingy on at all. Instead, she did a lot of reading (she finished one book and got through TWO more. But the pictures that she did take display our beauty to purr-fection, don't you all agree?

In the picture above, you can see how Caspurr was inspired by a picture of Pixie that he found in one of Mummy's Photo Albums.

And this is Trixie, after I (Caspurr) have just woken her from her beauty sleep by grabbing her tail (mol).

That's all for now, kitties, woofies and two-legged pals! 

Have a Great New Week!

Trixie and Caspurr


Katie Isabella said...

Oh yes, mama of these two babies. There is nothing like two energetic kitties! One is energetic enough. Two..oh MY! I love my wand toys. Do Caspurr and Trxie love those too? I have some with fevvers on the end but the one I love the most has a denim bow tied tightly at the end of the string..maybe the bow is 2 inches long and I, Admiral and even Robin loved it! We all love(d) the Neko fly wand toy too. It helps work off kitty energy because we leap into the air trying to catch it. Mom sometimes drags in=t through the rooms and I chase it. xxxoooxxx to you both. <3

meowmeowmans said...

We think it was nice that your Mummy's sister came to visit. Even if it made Caspurr cautious. :)

We love those pictures of you, sweet friends! They surely DO display your beauty!

Hugs to you both, and to Mummy, too.

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

You two babies are jus sooooo Bootiful ^.,^ your mommeh capture your Beuty jus purrfectly ♥♥

Caushun iz a good thin, most ov us are de caushus type, one ov us on de other paw iz furry BOLD..... ANA! ^..^

We hopez you haz a furry good week! ^.,^ x6 ♥♥♥xoxoxoxo♥♥♥

Nerissa said...

Oh, I think there IS a difference between bein' scared and bein' cautious. At least... I hope there is!