Thursday, July 4, 2013

Remembering Possum

Hallo, Effurrybody!

Mummy is furry sad today. We saw water leaking out of her eyes. That's because today is the 4th of July and the 4th of July was Possum's birthday. He would have been 18 years old today, if he hadn't flown away to the Rainbow Bridge last October, to be with Pixie. We - that is, Caspurr and I - never knew Possum the MagnifiCat and Princess Pixie, but We know that Mummy loved them effur so much and We also know that it was Possum and Pixie who sent Us to Mummy and who whispered in her ear that it was time to open her door to Us. In ten days time, we will be remembering Pixie, on what would have been her birthday, but the 4th of July is Possum's special day, which is also celebrated by millions and millions of Americans. Just imagine having so many people celebrating your birthday with you! Possum is furry, furry famous - and justly so. Mummy says that I - Trixie - have inherited Possum's furriness and splendiferous tail, and Pixie's purr-sonality, whereas Caspurr is more like Possum in character, though he looks effur so much like Pixie.

Caspurr and I would like to honour Possum by showing some of the best pictures of him. Even though it will make Mummy's eyes leak some more, we believe she will be happy to know that his memory is cherished, by others, as well as by herself.


Fuzzy Tales said...

That's a wonderful post for your mum's beloved Possum.

We're sending her soft purrs and kitty kisses today.

meowmeowmans said...

Possum was a wonderful kitty, and we send our biggest and most rumbly prayers for Mummy as she remembers her special boy. Hugs and love, too.

Anonymous said...

oh Possum was a bootiful very are both kind to help Mummy honor him on his purrthday, paw pats, Savannah

Terri said...

It's so hard to remember our angels without tears :(

Katie Isabella said...

Seeing Possum here beings my mommy memories from when she first met the three of you over on Spaces. You look as precious as you were and are, dearest Possum. XXX