Sunday, July 14, 2013

Honouring Pixie

Hallo, Effuryone!

As we mentioned before, le quatorze juillet was Precious Pixie's birthday. If she had still been here, instead of having flown off to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2011, she would have been 18 years old today. Mummy gets leaky eyes whenever she thinks about her kitties who have gone to the Bridge, but She knows that She will meet them again some day, when it's her own turn to leave for the Bridge.

Mummy says that Princess Pixie shared her birthday with many, many people and kitties (and probably woofies too) in France who celebrate Bastille Day on this date. She says that in France, they don't talk about the Rainbow Bridge. Instead, they say that anipals who are called away by the Great Cat in the Sky, go to join Le Nuage des Animaux (that means "The Cloud of Animals"). Mummy says she learned about this from her friend Nath's website, Le Monde de Shahlimare. Mummy says that the Cloud and the Bridge are one and the same thing, really, because all the anipals go there and they live in peace with each other, even if their Humans came from countries that were at war with each other. Which just goes to show that animals have much more Common Sense than Humans, doesn't it, kitties?

Anyway, to get back to Sweet Pixie's birthday, we want to honour her memory by showing some of the most beautiful pictures of her from Mummy's collection.

And now, Pixie is an angel...

Wasn't Pixie beautiful? And it's true, I do look a lot like her, don't I? Well, except for being a Mancat, whereas Pixie was a beautiful Ladycat.

So here's to the memory of the lovely Tigger Princess PixieCato, who will neffur, effur be forgotten.

Caspurr the Tigger Kitty


Mariodacat said...

Oh Pixie was very bootiful and you do look like her cuz you are bootiful too. Great pictures - thank you for sharing them with us. M sends your M hugs!

meowmeowmans said...

What a wonderful remembrance of Angel Pixie. We recall her with great fondness and love, and send you and Mummy lots of purrs on Pixie's special day.


Katie Isabella said...

Angel Pixie. She flew away and her mommy's heart was broken as it was when Possum joined her. All of our mommy's understand, Caspurr and you did a wonderpurr job of remembering precious Pixie. Much love to you and Trixie and Mommy. xoxoxox