Monday, March 20, 2017

The Evil Demon Kitties Strike Back!

Hallo, Effurrybody!

Queen Trixie here again.

Well, as you all know by now, We have learned that by working as a Team, it is much easier to outwit Mummy than if We each look out only for Ourselves. And so, as We explained in our last post, We managed to circumvent Mummy's anti-kitty lock and get into the trash-can which She keeps in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

But Mummy, who can be as determined as a Hungry Kitty when She puts Her mind to it, stuck sellotape on the drawers of the kitchen unit and then, when She saw how easily We managed to tear that away, replaced it with electrical insulating tape, to make it harder to open the drawers and, with them, the door of the cupboard.

As you can imagine, We weren't going to let Her get away with that. So, one night last week, Shimshi went to work on the sticky tape with his sharp little claws, and Caspurr, who is furry strong, tugged and tugged at the cupboard door and hey, presto! We were back in business.

But, for some reason, Mummy - who was not supposed to be prowling around like a Cat at 2:30 in the morning - woke up and hearing strange noises in the kitchen, She came to investigate and caught Us in the Act! She took away one chicken bone (which We had licked clean) and threw it in the trash can and shut all the drawers which were open and was just about to go back to bed when She heard pathetic little mewing sounds from the Food Drawer. So She removed all the sticky tape She had put back on the drawer and opened it - and who jumped out?


Yes! That silly Baby Mancat had got himself shut in!

Mummy screamed at all of Us and said She ought to rename Us. Not the J-Cats, but the Evil Demon Cats! 
Kitties, that was a furry hurtful thing to say, wasn't it? I mean, look at Us! How can anyone think We are Demon Kitties? See how angelic We are!

Anyway, Mummy shut all the drawers and cupboards again and replaced the sticky tape and closed the (useless) lock and even put a row of chairs all along the front of the kitchen unit. Then She went back to bed and found that We had generously left the remains of the SECOND chicken bone as a purr-esent for her, on the bed. So She had to get up again to throw away the bone. This time, She was too tired even to scream at Us - but when She got to the kitchen, She saw that Caspurr was again trying to open the cupboard door. That's when She lost it completely and shut Caspurr up in the guestroom for the remainder of the night. She has never done that before - but this time, remembering Our New, Enhanced Capabilities, She
 even wedged a chair under the door handle so he couldn't open it! Then She went back to bed and locked the bedroom door, and I heard her crying.

The next morning, She let Caspurr out and fed Us all. Caspurr gobbled all his noms down and then came and fought with Shimshi for what was left of Mine.

And then he was sick all over the kitchen counter.

I guess Mummy was too exhausted to be angry by then, or maybe She was sorry for the hurtful things She had said to Us, because She just cleaned up without a word, except to say to Caspurr that that is what happens when you gobble your food.

And that's the State-of-Affairs for now. Sticky tape and chairs in front of the kitchen unit, which Mummy has to remove effurry time She needs to make so much as a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Obviously, things can't continue this way.
I know Mummy is planning something - some new tactic in this war She cannot possibly win.

But what?

Stay tuned for developments...


Caren Gittleman said...

oh your poor Mommy!! I can sooo relate! She should hear what I "sometimes" call Cody!!! lol! I also used to put my Angel Bobo in another room for "time outs" if he was acting crazed, (just for maybe ten minutes)....don't think I put him in a room overnight though.......I think you might have to get your Mommy back for that one! catchatwithcarenandcody

Katie Isabella said...

OH NOES! Kitties, you have to be more gentle with your mama! If she can't get fuds without you three being so tricky, she may feel fainty. And then what would you do? You need her strong and well fed!!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guyz......sorree....but we gotta a greez with yu mum on de hole bass terd chckn bonez thing.... ☺☺☺

pee ezz.....ya knead a saw......they ALL WAYZ come in handee ;) ♥♥♥

The Island Cats said...

You guys are going to drive your mom crazy! That's what we have done with our mom. ;)

The Indulged Furries said...

Oh, your poor Mom. I know it can be very frustrating when kitties don't cooperate with your attempts to keep them safe! My mom had to install child-proofing on several cabinets to keep Smokey out. She used the kind where you install a magnet into the wood, then you have to use a another magnet "knob" to release the latch. I hope your mom has figured out something that will work better, with much less frustration than tape, chairs, and other contraptions.

Kate said...

You all are very crafty! Too bad your mama can't make money on your skills.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I have 13 cats and they don't get into the trouble the 3 of you do. Your poor Mom, she just wants you to be safe.

Deziz World said...

OMC Ya'll are quite da adventurous bunch. Raena would fit right in with ya'll. You are right tho', callin' ya'll demons wasn't nice at all. Nope, not nice at all. Mommy's not one of those name it claim it peeps, but she does think dat callin' someone/kitty bad or demon or evil or da likes actually amkes them seem much worse. She's always called her kitties little angels. Even when we're bad. Tho', we're not passin' judgement, cuz we know your mommy luvs ya'll very much and it hurt her to have to get on to ya'll. Can your mommy buy a can with a lid? Dat might help. Another thing mommy does is wrap any leftovers in plastic baggies befur throwin' them away. Dat locks in da smell, so Raena doesn't know it's there. Me says Raena, cuz she's da furstest kitty mommy's ever had dat tried to get into da trash can. A good hiss and removal a few times put a stop to dat tho'. Good luck to you all, includin' mommy. Da trash can be very dangerous fur us kitties. Maybe ya'll could find somethin' else to break in to. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Deziz World said...

We're pawin' by to answer your question 'bout da cans mommy sells. She collects aluminum cans, like coke cans, dr. pepper and da likes. It takes 'bout a year to collect enuff to make our $15.00, but every little bit helps. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Anonymous said...

Mee-you Trixie an Caspurr an Shimshi you wood fit inn purrfectlee here with mee!! Mee iss like youss'. Mee was werse when mee was younger....mee iss slolee growin out of mee nottyness.
Yur Mumma said them silly werdss out of furustrayshun. Shee ADOORSS all of youss; youss' just pushed her too far. An bee carefull of chick-hen bones as a splinter an hert you!
Mee playss with grape stemss an hidess them all over ;)
Say, what about bungee cordds?? Could Mumma bungee cord thee cupberdss closed???? Trust mee it werked fur LadyMum!
***HI-5'sss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Well for sure, DO NOT TELL HER about super mangets available at most big hardware stores! Those things ca be REALLY baffling to us. Yes, by no means let her learn about THOSE!