Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remembering Pixie

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and C-a-n-i-n-e-s and Humans as well)!

Tomorrow, Friday March 23rd, will mark exactly three months to the day Pixie flew away to the Bridge. Not a day goes by without Mummy and Me thinking about her. Mummy thought it would be a Good Idea to mark her three-month anniversary with a pictorial celebration of Pixie's Life. So we sat down together and chose the nicest photos we could find...

This is Pixie and Me when we were very little kitties, in our old apartment. Mummy scanned this old photo into her computer.

And here we are, all curled up in Mummy's bed in the new flat.

This is Pixie a couple of years ago, having a little cat-nap.

And this is the one Mummy has on her desktop, so that we think about Pixie every time we switch on the computer.

                                          And see here - Double Pixie!

Here's another one of Pixie at the old flat, when she was quite a young kitty.

And here she is again, full of curiosity about the flashy box.

Pixie enjoyed exercise...    

...but, like Me, she enjoyed napping even more.      

Mummy has lots more pictures of Pixie and Me, but this is our favourite. This is Pixie and Me at the old apartment, the one we lived in when we first adopted Mummy. Mummy likes this one so much, she made a special frame for it and she uses it as the header for her own blog   

Mummy's eyes have gone all leaky now. And I, too, feel very sad and lonesome, remembering my little sister. I don't need photos to remember her, kitties. She's always here in my heart.....


Fuzzy Tales said...

We're sending purrs and (((hugs))).

It's wonderful to have all those old photos, that last one is especially precious.

I wish I had more older ones of Annie, even though she was almost a year when I adopted her. But I didn't get my first digital camera until late 2006, so missed those early years with her, except for film shots every now and again.

Eventually it gets easier, but even now, over a year sine Annie had to leave me, I can't look at the pics I took of her those last few months.

Ginger Jasper said...

Its lovely to have photo's to look back on and yes they are bitter sweet. You have some lovely memories and they will help with the pain of loss..Hugs GJ

Mariodacat said...

Sending you comforting purrs. Those are beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. What a beautiful girl Pixie was.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh dearest Pixie girl. I remember her from about 7 years now. And certainly you Possum and mommy too.

My mom cannot look at Admirl's pictures much and she can't look at her furs or her blankie or paw print. She just has Admiral's ashes out now. Mommy gets leaky eyes if she sees other things of Admiral's so she knows how your mommy feels, Possum.
Love and Purrs to the two of you.

Carolyn said...

Such sweet memories x

Jenna and Sissy said...

The human gets leaky eyes when she thinks about her previous furbabies. She says she never quite gets over the loss.

meowmeowmans said...

Purrs and hugs to both you and Mommy, Possum. You are right, Pixie will always live in your hearts. Always.

Shabbat shalom, dear ones.