Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Worrying Weekend

Greetings, Fellow Felines!

Possum here, this time. Mummy and I are rather worried about Pixie. She hasn't been eating very much for the last few days. She comes running when our Human brings out the Fancy Feasties, and has even pushed Me aside a few times to get at the food in my bowl instead of waiting for Mummy to put down her bowl (I'm the Eldest, it's only right that I should get my food first, don't you agree, Fellow Felines?), but then she only eats about half of what's in the bowl. She seems to be drinking all right, but she barely touches her dry foods and even turns up her nose at the snacks our Human offers her (well, to tell the truth, so do I. Who wants dry snacks when one can have Fancy Feasts?) Now she's so thin, she seems to be all skin and bones. Our Human was so upset this morning at Pixie eating so little, that water started leaking out of her eyes. She says she's going to take Pixie to the V-E-T tomorrow.
I shouldn't think she'll have much trouble getting her into the carrier. Poor Pixie - she has no idea what's in store for her at That Place. But if the V-E-T can make her better, (as he made Me better exactly a year ago) I suppose it'll have to be done.  So I would like to ask all you Fellow Felines (and Canines too), as a special favour, to purr and woof for my little sisfur Pixie's good health. Thank you so very much.

Possum the MagnifiCat


Admiral Hestorb said...

Possum, I remember being so scared for you last year. I wonder if Pixie has a kidney problem or blood calcium as I do? That can be treated for awhile if so.

I send all my love sweetheart. Go to the CB and post about it so all the kitties and doggies can purr and growl.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Pixie, we can to visit cuz theAdmiral told us you were under the weather and having to spend the night at the vets. Our Teri works for a cat vet and she said it is very serious when cats don't eat for more than 48 hours, as pancreatitis and liver disease can set in. We hope you are in good hands and that you feel better soon...