Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feeding Time

Greetings, Fellow Felines!

Possum here, again. Pixie is resting as much as possible, trying to get her strength back. To that end, our Human started her on a Royal Canin Veterinary Diet this morning. In fact, we are both of us on Veterinary Diets - Pixie is on Renal and I am on Urinary S/O. But I don't see why it should be such a big deal if I have a nibble at her food or she, at mine. Yet Mummy put my food on the balcony and Pixie's in the hallway and she shut Me on the balcony to make sure I didn't come and disturb Pixie while she was eating. And then, as soon as Pixie finished (and she didn't eat very much, Mummy said), our Human removed both bowls of food so that we shouldn't eat from each other's bowls. (Of course, I had finished my own breakfast while Pixie was still picking over a few tiny morsels.) And then She went off to work and We had to wait till she came home in the evening and put out our feeding bowls - once again, mine on the balcony and Pixie's in the hall.

This is Not Good, Fellow Felines! Both Pixie and I like to eat on and off during the day and we can't do that if our Human is going to keep removing the food as soon as we finish the first course. But She says we leave her no choice, because we keep going to each other's bowls and we need to have different foods.
I am sure we will find a way to outwit Mummy eventually - it's only a matter of time.

On a different, but related subject, Pixie has already got the better of her twice in less than a day. Yesterday, as I may have mentioned (or maybe not), Pixie came home with a bandage on her front paw. The V-E-T had put it there, because the thingy that he had attached before for an infusion had rubbed and chafed and it had started bleeding. Well, within a matter of hours, Pixie had managed to get rid of the whole bandage, and Mummy only noticed just when she was getting ready to go to bed and then She had to re-bandage Pixie's paw. I watched and saw how she did it. First, she put a minty-smelling gel on a piece of gauze, which she put on the wound, then she wrapped it with a kind of thin cotton wool and finally, wrapped the whole thing with a blue bandage. Pixie didn't like that at all! But she didn't complain too much, she let Mummy go to sleep, all unsuspecting - and when Mummy woke up again at about half-past-five in the morning, there was Pixie, again without the bandage.This time, too, she had managed to shed the whole bandage, cotton wool, gauze and all, in one piece, as if it was a glove! So Mummy had to bandage her again. But she did it better this time and Pixie still hasn't managed to get rid of her bandage. I guess she didn't try so hard, this time, because our Human, who occasionally displays an almost Feline Intelligence (due, no doubt, to her long acquaintance with Us,) had realised that what was bothering Pixie was the fact that the bandage was covering her whole foot, instead of just her leg, where the wound was, thus making it difficult for her to walk. She therefore arranged the new bandage in such a way that it left Pixie's foot free for her to tread on, so she can now walk without limping.

Pixie would also like me to mention the fact that Mummy took the advice of our dear friend, the Admiral and her Mummy, and got the V-E-T to administer the two-week antibiotic shot. Pixie didn't like having a needle stuck in her, but at least now she won't have to drink that horrible white stuff that Mummy was trying to feed her twice a day. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Okay, I must go now, Fellow Felines, and help Mummy to administer Pixie's infusion. She will have to have them twice a week now, for the rest of her life. Poor Pixie. While she is having her infusion, I shall read her some more of your lovely, kind letters of support and encouragement. It makes her feel so much stronger to hear how much you all care for her and are purring and woofing for her. Love and kisses to you all.


www.ruisje.nl said...

We haven't met yet, Possum, but my friend Gracie told me about your sister Pixie. I want to let you know that I and my brothers and sisters are sending purrrrrs Pixie's way.

headbumpies & purrrrrs

Karen Jo said...

I am really glad that your Mom figured out what was bothering Pixie about the bandage so she will keep it on now. It's a bummer about the food. I would think that the formulas for Renal and Urinary Tract would be very similar. I hope Pixie gets to feeling better and better. Herman and Emma send purrs.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hope you two get used to the noo feeding schedule. It is kind of a pain if you are used to nibbling all day, and suddenly you can't do that.

Purrrrrring for you both.

meowmeowmans said...

That feeding schedule sounds pretty dreadful, Possum. :(

We are sending our best purrs, prayers and hugs for you all. Especially dear Pixie.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Possum, you keep reading to Pixie and while you do, please please tell her I DO think of her (and you) (and Mummy) each day and purr and purr for you.

I am so glad you got the 2 weeks shot, sweet Pixie. That saves you and your mom aggravation.


GreatGranny said...

God bless you Possum and Pixie and your Mommy. I'm so glad that The Admirals Mommy could help you.
We're still thinking of you all and purraying too. Possum keep reading to Pixie and tell her we love you all.
xoxo Kassey