Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moonlight Robbery

Fellow Felines! The most terrible thing has happened! Someone has stolen the moon!
We were sitting there on the balcony, staring at it, when a dark shadow started nibbling away at it, for all the world like a mouse nibbling at a Gouda cheese! And slowly but surely, the moon began to disappear! Now it's all gone! The sky is completely dark! We are so frightened - if someone can steal the moon, nothing is safe!

We weren't really frightened... No, indeed. We were just pretending. We are Fearless Felines. Our Human says the moon will come back soon, this is just something called an e-c-l-i-p-s-e. That's a new, scientific word We have learned. We are very erudite kitties. (That's another long word We have learned.)

Our Human has been taking pictures of the cheese (sorry, moon) being eaten and she will post them in her own blog in a day or two. Meanwhile, Fellow Felines, enjoy this rare and beautiful spectacle of Nature.

Possum and Pixie


PS. She was right! It's slowly coming back - like our distant cousin, the Cheshire Cat, reappearing a bit at a time.


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

WE stole your moon!!! We had a full moon in Michigan last night!

Dobi Shamir said...

What a delightful blog. I remember a game I played with my siblings in which one of them was called Little Moon and the Moon was her home planet. We used to tease her and say "They're going to blow up the moon!" She would reply: "They can't blow up the great big moon."

meowmeowmans said...

We think eclipses are cool. And we LOVE your pictures of this one! We look forward to seeing your mom's pictures. :)

The J-Cats said...

Fellow Felines, we wish to apologise for having been so remiss. We forgot to update and give you the link to our Human's photos of the eclipse. They can be found on her blog: