Thursday, December 1, 2016

Caspurr's Column

Hallo, Effurryone!

It is My Turn to impurr-ess you all with my literary skills. 
There isn't really all that much to tell, except that on Monday, Mummy had someone come round to fix a leak in her downstairs bathroom and We were shut up in the bedroom All Day! 
We HATE that. 

At furrst, We just slept. Shimshi and I curled up together in the only sun-puddle We could find (and it was a teensie, tiny one, as you can see)

and Trixie took up her favourite place on the stool in front of the dressing table, 

but even the most chillaxed kitty can only sleep for so long.

If Mummy hadn't come to let Us out effurry now and then to eat and go to the bathroom, We would have carried out the Most Spectacular Mischief.
We aren't going to reveal what it was we had planned - not yet, anyway.
Instead, We are going to save it for some other occasion.

Another Mean Thing Mummy did to Us was to go out yesterday on what She calls a "study trip" and leave Us all alone - all day!
Seriously, Kitties - much more of this kind of Neglect, and We are going to have to start looking for New Staff!

We would do that with a Great Deal of Regret, of course - because We love Mummy - but there is only so much a Kitty can stand, wouldn't you agree?

Purrs, nose-rubs and kitty kissies to you all from Me,

Caspurr, King of the Tigger-Tabbies (and my Fur-sibs).


Kate said...

You have a very tough life!

Deziz World said...

Oh Caspurr, we don't know dat da grass be any greener on da other side. Ya'll don't seem to have it as bad as some kitty furiends we read 'bout. Some of them can't even get their mommys to write a post fur them more offen than a couple tmes a year. Now we be really blest here with a purretty good mommy. We admit it, she devotes most of her time to us. But we just think ya' might wanna give your mommy another chance. After all, it is da time of year when they generally treat us purretty good. MOL Good luck with your mommy. Big hugs to all.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Jenna and Marie said...

Our mommy leaves quite often. She is volunteer with a no kill shelter. We give her a pass because we know how impawtant her job is to other less fortunate kitties!

Kitties should give their pawrents credit. Pawrents bring home the money to buy beds, litter, toys and food!

Katie Isabella said...

I have my mommy trained pretty well BUT she lacks in service most of the time. She has actually ignored me on more than one occasion. Have you taken up the idea of consulting the Union and serving her with a grievance? AND Caspurr, Trikie, Shimshi, ...I am an attorney you know. I can meow against your mom if need be. My most famous *and only* case was when James, Mommy's grandson was here and dared to eat MY kibble. He swooped down on it and ATE it. He had an additional handful that he began to eat while mom and Jame's mom were doubled over laughing. I filed a grievance on James and so did they! BUT! I felt sorry for the little scudder. So I found it in my heart to throw on my lawyer robe and white jabot and represent him as he had no other legal representation to rely on. Stealing MY kibble is a jailable offense. An hour in the play pen slammer! I felt sorry for him and I fought and won the case! (do not inquire as to who the Judge was. State secret).

The Island Cats said...

We don't like it when we get locked up either. There's not much to do really except to snooze. :)

The J-Cats said...

Mummy says We should be glad She retired before We adopted Her. She used to be out of the house effurry day, often for twelve hours at a stretch and effurry couple of months or so, She'd even be on call at the weekend! We don't know how Minxie or Possum and Pixie survived!

The J-Cats said...

Of course We know you are a cattorney, Katie.
Trouble is - Mummy is a lawyer too. She used to be a Purr-secutor, as you know. And She was one of the toughest.

Austin Towers said...

Caspurr, I think you suffer needlessly and I think we should probably do something!! What with Katie Isabella as counsel and NUCAT union strength behind her, we should be able to get mummy replaced, or at least chastised publicly!! Hang in there, buddy!

The Indulged Furries said...

Being locked up is no fun. You said your sun puddle was small, but it looks pretty good sized to me. This time of year, the sun puddles do seem to disappear quickly though.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Maybe you could give your Mom another chance, she would feel bad if you replaced her.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

We re glad you had sunpuddles in the bedroom when you were closed in it. OUR bedroom is seriously cave-like. No sun at all. Which is great fer napping, but not sun. Fortunately the waterbed is warm and soft.

Katie Isabella said...

OH I am a new attorney and aware of your mommy's expertise and experience. I would win because I have the robes already on. Black robe (Oh wait...that's the Judge!) and my natural white jabot! With THAT gorgeous combination and my blossoming expertise AND Austins Union behind me...I will be a formidable attorney...right?

Austin Towers said...

We are behind Counsel Katie Isabella totally in her endeavours to support the J-Cats in their grievance against the formidable Mamma! We have a chance as long as we present the evidence in a dignified and calm manner!

The J-Cats said...

Thank you for your support, Katie and Austin. However, We have decided to give Mummy another chance. You see, this past week, We have been spending so much extra snuggle time with her, including under the duvet when it gets really cold at night, that We think it would be a pity if We had to start training a new Mummy. But We have put her on notice and She knows she had better amend her ways - or else (MOL).