Sunday, June 19, 2016

Taking Control Again

Greetings, Effurrybody!

I'm back!

Yes! It is I, Queen Trixie, Empress of Jerusalem, Israel and the Entire Middle East, Guardian of the Boudoir, Alpha Kitty Extraordinaire!

I know, I know, it has been a whole month since any of Us blogged, and even longer since My Imperial Majesty graced you all with my Royal Presence.

It has been so-o-o-o-o hot that none of Us really had the Energy to sit down at the Computer Machine Thingy and write, but Mummy reminded Us that We haven't even updated you on the Results of My Surgery and We really ought to do that, at least.

Well, it turned out that Mummy was Absolutely Right. They did leave some bits in three years ago when they furrst tried to steal my Ladycat Parts. I won't go into details, because it's not Ladycatlike to discuss such things in public. Suffice it to say that We all hope they've done it propurrly this time.

When Mummy went to collect Me, after my surgery, the nice lady v-e-t gave her a Wink and asked her if She wanted the Good News furrst, or the Bad News. Mummy didn't know what to say, so Dr. Einat said: "The Good News is that you were right. We didn't get it all out last time. So We found it quite easily."

Mummy said: "So what's the Bad News" - and the v-e-t said: "You don't have to pay anything".

And Mummy said: "That's not Bad News" - and Dr. Einat winked again and said: "It is for Me".

Anyway, after Mummy took Me home, she fed Me but it must have been too soon, because I was sick and horked up the lot. And then I didn't want to eat or even come out of my kitty-cave all the next day. I did nothing but sleep.
And Mummy was effur so worried, She took Me back to the v-e-t. Dr. Einat fed me some special food with a spatula - food for sick kitties who have lost their appetite - and gave Mummy some to take home for Me. And She didn't charge Mummy for that either.

After that, my appetite started coming back - quite quickly, in fact. By the time I had my stitches out (actually, they were staples), I was even eating more than I had been used to before my surgery.

This is my Tummy with my stitches staples:

It looks awful, doesn't it?

It took weeks before all my beautiful furs grew back propurrly - and when they did, the undercoat of white furs was much more pronounced than before.

After I was fully recovered, I began the process of reconquering My Territory.
Furrst of all, I made it clear to Mummy that, just because Shimshi likes to eat computer cables, that is no reason to ban Me from the Library/Study - which was one of my favourite haunts when I was a little kitty, before the Mancats came along:

Next, I made it clear to my brofurs that I do not appreciate being woken up to join in their boysterous games of Catch-Me-If-You-Can (especially since they seem to think that I am always the One To Be Caught):

Once That Lesson had been learnt, I allowed them to snooze on the Bed or Sofa together with Me:

So now, Things are more or less back to normal.

Before I go, I want to show you all this picture Mummy took at the Supermarket last week.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is, indeed, a birdie! 
You might well ask - as We did - what a birdie is doing inside the supermarket.
Mummy thinks it came indoors to enjoy the Air Conditioning and escape the Extreme Heat outside.

Hmmmm - We told Mummy that, next time, She should take Us to the Supermarket with her to help her with the shopping (heh heh heh)...


Deziz World said...

Oh sweet bootyful Trixie we's so sorry this has happened to you. And they sure nuff shouldn't have charged your mommy fur somethin' thay didn't do right da furst time. Bless your heart you've had to live like this fur 3 years. Glad you got your appetite back, noms are a good thing. Oh and of course we's glad you's back. We of course will continue to keep ya'll in our purrayers but it's good to hear dat things are goin' well. Sorry 'bout da heat, but we have it too. MOL As fur da birdy, our Walmart has them all da time. The even build these nests there. MOL Have a great week.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Guardian of the Boudoir... I LOVE THAT! Hehehehee...

I'm SO VERY HAPPY you have had your surgery and everything has been cleared up and taken care of and that you're not only on the road to recovery but have already done just that. Super DUPER good news, for sure.

Purrs, Seville.

meowmeowmans said...

Trixie, we are glad that surgery is over and that you are doing better now. Dr. Einat sounds like a very stand-up vet. We are glad she did not charge Mummy!

Did you have a nice Shavuot?

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

I am so very glad that the operation worked this time! I know about that. ~ AYLA

Jenna said...

We are so happy to hear your extra lady bits are gone now and your mommy didn't have to pay anything! We can sympathize about the heat. It's so hot here, too.

The human see birdies inside stores occasionally--especially pet supply stores. We think they enjoy the other birdies and air conditioning, too!

Kate said...

Poor kitty! Hazel had dental surgery last week. She couldn't eat for a day and then she wasn't too hungry. Glad your surgery went well and you are all better (and beautiful too).

The Island Cats said...

Trixie, we're sorry to hear you had to go through that again...but glad to know you're okay now.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I am glad you are doing well now Trixie and that your Mom didn't have to pay. Nice to see you posting again-- I hope you get to more often. I wonder what you would pick up at the supermarket? MOL!

Austin Towers said...

Oh Trixie, what a thing to happen!! Good job your mommy stuck to her guns!! I am so glad you are back and in control! Those sneaky boycats can be very pesky! I know, I am one MOL ❤️❤️❤️

Louche Tabby said...

Yoo need lots of relaxation.

The Indulged Furries said...

Trixie, I'm glad they finally stole the last bits of your lady parts so you won't go through that awful hormonal cycle again. It was very nice of your vet to not charge your Mom for the surgery. Too bad the grocery wasn't selling birds ;-)

Maggie from Stillness at Cherith said...

Ouch...those staples made our Mom wince.
We are glad that everything is getting fixed up.
Sending you purrs for a speedy recovery!

Katie Isabella said...

OH I am SO SO SO SO glad you had your LadyCat parts properly collected this time. Your mum will be even MORE glad. That was a tough time for all of you.