Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Interloper

Kitties! Woofies! Anipals!

We are furry, furry confused! And upset. And worried.

Mummy has brought a Strange Kitty into Our House!

It happened this morning. Step-Grandma phoned and told her about a little kitten living near Mummy's stepsister's house, who had been rejected by its own (kitty) Mummy. Step-Grandma was afraid the little kitty would die, because its Mummy refused to feed it and it wouldn't eat the food that was offered to it by Step-Grandma. So Step-Grandma thought of Our Mummy and phoned her and made her feel all guilty about the little kitty maybe dying if Mummy didn't help out. And Mummy said okay, She would look after the little kitty for a few days, until the nice lady v-e-t could find it a home.

So Step-Grandma brought the little baby kitty round to Our House and - we are effur so worried, because the baby kitty is furry, furry cute. We just know Mummy will lose her heart to it and She won't be able to give it up. It will steal her affections and She will start to love it more than She loves Us.

Just see how cute he is! (Mummy says it's a Boy Kitty):

Mummy took him right away to see the v-e-t. She wouldn't let Us anywhere near him - just as well, because (Mummy says), he was absolutely covered in fleas who were sucking his blood and making him anaemic. Mummy says that Dr. Einat and her Assistent, Yardena, sprayed him with something to make the fleas drop off (Caspurr had to have that too, when he first came here) and told her to keep Us and him away from each other. So Mummy has put the little kitty on the balcony and she has moved Our (ahem) "Facilities" into her own bathroom, for the time being. She says it's only temporary, and that, in any case, the nice lady vet says she has several clients who are looking to adopt a kitten. Mummy hasn't given the kitten a name because She says that the moment She does that, She knows She won't be able to part with him and She doesn't want a third kitty, we two are quite enough for Her. (We wonder what, exactly, She means by that.)

But We don't believe her, kitties! We heard her talking on the phone to her Daddy and We know She already has a name picked out for the little kitty, "just in case" She decides to keep it him. We aren't going to tell you what it is though, because We are still hoping this interloper won't be staying long.

And as if it wasn't bad enough being banned from the balcony and having all our Sanitary Arrangements turned upside down, We still aren't allowed into the study because - would you believe it? - the Birdie came back and rebuilt its nest and laid another egg! At least, we think it's the same Birdie. We aren't sure. It might be one of the birdies that was born there and came back to lay its own eggs. Do they really grow up that fast? Mummy doesn't think so, She thinks it's the same Birdie that nested there last month, and that it simply decided this was a Good Place to nest and lay its eggs.

We must go now, Anipals. It's nearly midnight. The Staff want to go to bed - and so do We. We will do our best to keep you all posted and report on any developments, whether about the kitten , or the birdies.

Good night. Have a great Weekend. Shabbat Shalom.

Trixie the Black Panfur and Caspurr the Tigger Tabby (aka the furry, furry Confused J-Cats)


Austin Towers said...

My Goodness! It's all happening chez vous!! I think I'll open a book on whether the kitty gets to stay!! I might clean up!! MOL It does look rather cute!! That birdie should start paying rent! Just saying! :))) xox

Fuzzy Tales said...

Such a precious little one, poor sweet baby. We hope he finds a wonderful home, with someone who will be able to care for a young kitten and give him a fantastic home for his entire life. (Our human says she has two hands, and two cats is her maximum too. LOL.

JC said...

That poor baby kitten.
I do hope he gets stronger.
Sometimes a heating pad and some sort of fake fur helps.
We raised a kitten that way.

I hope for good news from you ...


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

If the kitten has been named by the Mom, yer probly out of luck; its staying...

Kate said...

As soon as you get to meet the new kitty you will love him too. Remember that you can blame all the broken stuff on him and because he's so little he won't get in trouble! Works in our house! Be sure to update us.

Jenna said...

We think the boy kitten is cute and hope his health improves. He deserves a forever home somewhere, too.

Let's see, you're banned from the balcony and the study. Your litter box has been moved elsewhere. I think this calls for some well-placed hairballs!

Old Deuteronomy said...

Jenna you are inciting revolutionary resistence. That's the sort of thing Miao Tse-Tung would have done!

Katie Isabella said...

Oh you two, I had no idea you had blogged. I am so sorry to have missed out on your lives for a bit. I am here now. xxoox