Friday, January 25, 2013


Hallo, Effurrybody!

I have such a lot of news to tell you today!

I am so honoured. My Bloggie has been named  "a joy to read" by Nerissa from Nerissa's Life! Nobody ever nominated me for anything before - of course, I am only five months old and I've only been blogging a month or two, but still...It's very encouraging to know that my efforts are a-purr-eciated!

Yesterday, I met a new Human, a friend of Mummy, who came round to work with my Human on some songs they are going to sing in their choir. This new Human (Auntie Carmiya) brought me a bag of crunchy treats, although I preferred to play with them rather than to eat them (MOL). Now that I know how much Mummy likes mew-sick, I shall make it my business to serenade her every night. I'm sure she'll enjoy that - she serenades Me all the time, she goes about the house singing.

Kitties, I have found a really cool new place to perch - on top of the refrigerator!

It isn't a very good picture, but I wanted to show you all how high I have risen in the world (heh heh).

Okay, I must go now and arrange my Toys help Mummy prepare tonight's Shabbat supper. 

Have a lovely weekend, Effurryone!

Trixie the Black Panther


David said...

Maybe you can do a follow-up blog to let us know how your mummy likes your singing.

meowmeowmans said...

Congratulations on your nomination, Trixie! You bloggie IS a joy to read, so we think Nerissa is right on target. :)

We love your new perch. How did you get all the way up there? :)

Hugs, and Shabbat shalom!

CATachresis said...

ConCats Trixie. It won't be long before you are getting all the awards. You are so cute!! :)

GreatGranny said...

Concats, cutie pie Trixie on your Awardie. You are a joy to read when Mom gets us on. I wish I could get on our cold box, but I have no place to spring from. You should sing to Mommy at bedtime. Mommies enjoy that....mol
xoxo Kassey