Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Urgent Question from Mummy

Hallo, Effurryone! 

Mummy asked to borrow My Blog again to ask for your Advice and since she has been such a Good Mummy (besides helping with My Blog, which I still couldn't do without her because of something called Passwords), I said okay. Over to you, Mummy!

Thank you, Trixie.
Right, the Problem is this. As you know, I was planning on bringing home a little brother for Trixie. He is currently in foster care, but has had a series of ailments which, since I didn't want Trixie to catch anything, delayed his transfer to my house. He now has ringworm. The (new, nice) vet tells me that once he starts treatment (which he did, about a week ago), the fungus is no longer contagious. But every web site I consult (including the one to which she herself directed me) say that he can continue shedding spores all through the treatment (which lasts 6-8 weeks) and to be particularly careful towards the end of the treatment, when there are no longer visible signs of the fungus but it's still shedding spores. I also understand it can affect, not only other cats, but also humans and furthermore, all the web sites say that once a clear culture is obtained, showing he's completely free of the fungus, the house (furniture, carpets, etc) should also be scrupulously steam-cleaned and vacuumed several times. I wanted to take a little kitten as a companion for Trixie almost from the start, not wait another 2 months. But I also don't want to run the risk of Trixie, myself and the entire house being infected. As a result, I am having second thoughts about adopting this particular kitten (whose foster Mum, in any case, was having second thoughts about giving him up but now, with all the expense of treatment for the ringworm, says she's at her wits' end, as it's one thing after another, and can't wait to get rid of him). I should also add that I have never actually seen this cat, or even a picture of him and the vet says she has several other kitties waiting for a home.She also says, if he's meant to be my cat, I'll take him and if he isn't, I won't! 
So - what should I do?



Mariodacat said...

M says since she only has me, she has no experience with multi cats living where there is ringworm. I had it once, but it got cleared up.

Terri said...

I wouldn't bring the kitten home until his ringworm treatment is complete and he's free of the fungus.

I'd also suggest that you (1) meet the kitten and (2) find out more about this kitten's "series of ailments" before adopting him. Was he tested for FeLV and FIV?

Admiral Hestorb said...

I would not bring him home until he is well. But I also understand not wanting to wait a long time too. I know what I would do but I must wait and see what you decide. It is a VERY hard and difficult thing to decide and reason out. Very difficult for you and Trixie.

The J-Cats said...

@Terri - the "series of ailments" wasn't actually anything very serious,it's just that I didn't want Trixie to catch fleas or an eye infection. As far as I know, he wasn't tested for FeLV or FIV (such tests being rare here unless there's actually a suspicion that that might be the case. It isn't a routine "pre-adoption" test).


Anonymous said...

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Caroline said...

I had to come and have a look and am so astonished. My female cat is called Isis PitzieCata aka Isis or Pitzie. Who would have thought anyone would come up with a similar name for her cat?
I have no idea what you should decide about the ringworm. It's tricky. I only know I would always want to see the cat first before adopting.