Thursday, November 15, 2012

Enter the Black Panther

Just as I did when my beloved Minxie - my very first furbaby - crossed the Bridge, I took myself and my broken heart off for a brief vacation. When I came back the last time, way back in 1995, Possum was waiting for me. This time, I came back to an empty house (I can hardly call it a home) and realised that I couldn't bear it any longer. Maybe three weeks is too short a time, and insufficiently respectful of Possum's memory. I still have sudden attacks of tears when I think of him and Pixie. Nevertheless, on Sunday, I took the plunge and picked up the phone to the vet, Dr. Einat, to ask if she knew of any kitties who were looking for a forever home. And that is how, on Monday evening, a little black panther entered my life.

Her foster Mum, Barbara, found her under a dumpster about three months ago (she's a bit hazy about dates). We think she's about three and a half to four months old. Barbara had named her Schmendrick. Well, I'm sorry, but I think that's very insulting and no cat of mine is going to be burdened with a name like that! It didn't take me all that long to choose a name for her. Since she's full of tricks, I thought Trixie would suit her much better. Of course, it's not her real name. As everyone who knows cats is aware, each cat has no less than THREE names, only one of which is known to his or her Human. But Trixie will do nicely for this little black panther.

It soon transpired that, if I want to get any sleep at night, Trixie is going to have to be shut out of the bedroom - at least until she outgrows the desire to pounce on my feet every few minutes. Pixie used to do that too. Another trait she and Pixie share is the habit of hiding under the bed, in the very farthest corner - although even Pixie never hid under the sofa, and I can't imagine how she manages to crawl in there, it's so low. All in all, I think it must have been Pixie, rather than Possum, who chose her and sent her to me.

The first day she spent with me, I was worried because she didn't seem to be eating. But I discovered she prefers to eat in the evening and at night - and that, when she does, she has a voracious appetite. I don't understand why, however, with all the food I give her, she is apparently eating earth from the flowerpots of my houseplants!!! If anyone has any ideas about that, I'd really like some answers.

She's now trying to climb onto the keyboard, so I will leave you with the first photo I took of her and then go and play with her.


Fuzzy Tales said...

She's a lovely young ladycat! Welcome, Trixie. :-)

There are no rules about when to adopt again--you do what's best for your own heart. I think that having Trixie, while won't "erase" the grief of both Possum's and Pixie's passings, will give you a focus. I know that after Chum died, I at least had Annie. And then after Annie had to leave me, I had the boys. It would be terribly difficult to come home to an empty house otherwise.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! We're all doing a little happy dance for you both. :-)

GreatGranny said...

I've been wondering how you were making it with no little furrson meowing. I'm glad Pixie sent Lovely Trixie to you.
Kassey licks the cabinets and windows. I figure she needs minerals or vitamins, don't actually know. I hope you get some info on this earth eating.
Be safe.

Mariodacat said...

Trixie is beautiful and we are so happy you adopted her. She can't replace Possum, but she can sure being a lot off love and joy to you when you need it so much.

CATachresis said...

Trixie is beautiful. I think I might be in love!!❤ Love from Austin the Tux >^,,^<

You did the right thing, I am sure. - Austin's mum x

GreatGranny said...

Shimona, you've been on my mind and I wish you and your family and your sweet Trixie safety always.

Terri said...

Welcome to the CB, Trixie! Such a lovely little panther!

meowmeowmans said...

Shimona, we are so glad that you are okay, and that Trixie has come into your life. Surely she won't replace Possum or Pixie, but we know that she will love you, and be loved in return.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh Shimona..what a beautiful young lady cat. A gorgeous shining Panfur.

Thank you for adopting her and giving her such a loving home. xoxox I look forward to her adventures.