Friday, October 5, 2012

Changing Seasons

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and CA-N-I-N-E-S and Humans too)!

Autumn is here - well, almost. You remember that a few days ago, I told you the sky was a funny colour and there was a smell of rain in the air? Well, that very evening, there was a thunderstorm and it rained and rained. And Mummy wasn't here, because she went for supper to her Daddy - and she told me afterwards that the rain started just as they were bringing out the dessert, so they had to leave the sukkah and go indoors. Meanwhile, I was all alone here, watching these great big flashes of light and listening to the loud, boomy noises and wishing Mummy was with Me. But I wasn't afraid, kitties. No, indeed! I was just worried about Mummy, not having Me there to protect her from the scary noises and bright, flashy lights. She must have been terribly frightened. Poor Mummy. But it was her fault, going off like that and leaving Me. She made up for it, though - sort of - by bringing Me a kitty bag. Not the Moroccan-style fish that her step-sister made (Mummy said it was very spicy, this time, not good for kitties), but beef, which she cut up into small pieces and mixed with my dietary food. She wasn't sure if beef is good for kitties, so she only gave me a little (at least, that was her excuse), but when it was mixed in with the C/D moist food, it flavoured the whole bowlful, so I was satisfied and graciously let her know I was pleased with her offering.

I said autumn was almost here. For the rest of the week, the weather was nice and sunny - at least in Jerusalem, where we live, although I saw, on the computer, pictures from the rest of the country and the weather in the north wasn't nearly so good. Mummy thinks we've got a good few days of summer left. The main thing, of course, is that she'll be on holiday till the middle of next week, so I'll be enjoying plenty of Loving.

Shabbat Shalom, everyone!

Possum the MagnifiCat


Fuzzy Tales said...

Well, it was terribly unkind of your mummy to leave you like that, especially in a storm--yes, she must have been very scared without you to reassure her. But it's GREAT that she brought you a doggie bag...uh, so to speak. We're not sure if you're familiar with that expression, it just means leftovers. :-)

BTW, we don't get many bad thunder storms, or at least certainly didn't this spring/summer, but truth be told it IS our mom who is scared of them. They actually don't really bother us!

Katie Isabella said...

Shabbat Shalom Possum you handsome boy! xoxoxox

Here the leaves are still green and the weather has not been particularly cold. To 45 degrees F. is the coldest so far. But in two weeks half of the leaves will have fallen after they turn color which is happening now.

GreatGranny said...

Sweetheart, Mommy left you all alone during a storm. How dreadful. But I bet she thought of you and wondered if you were scared. And she did bring you a peace offering...mol
It's gonna be about 56 F tonight. I'm looking forward to colder weather.
xoxo Kassey and Mom

CATachresis said...

Hi Possum, it is good you weren't frightened of the storm. We had one the other day. It last for about two hours and I growled and slunk behind the big chair! I need to get a grip!

regards Austin x

Sissy and Jenna said...

How nice you got some tempting bits in your regular food! I love human food and beg hard for it.