Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thirty Days

Greetings, Fellow Felines (and C-a-n-i-n-e-s and Humans)!

Tomorrow will mark the thirtieth day since Pixie flew off to the Bridge. I have been thinking about Mummy's idea of getting a new little kitty to keep Me company. She thinks a very young kitty would be best. I suppose there's something in that. She says I could teach a little kitten proper feline ways. That's true. A little kitty would know who's Boss around here and show Me due respect (I would hope). But, on the other hand, a little kitten would want to be running about and playing all the time and maybe I wouldn't be able to keep up. I'm a very senior feline now, after all, and what I enjoy most is curling up next to Mummy and sleeping. A little kitten would be ever so playful and cute - and maybe Mummy would start to love the new furbaby more than me, because he or she would be more fun.

But then again, being such a very senior kitty, maybe I should be thinking about the time when I'm no longer here. If there were to be a new little kitten, chosen by Pixie and properly trained by Me, then when the time comes and Pixie whispers in my ear that it's time for me to join her at the Bridge, I could go knowing that Mummy would be properly cared for.

But - if she has a new furbaby, maybe, after I, too, leave for the Bridge, Mummy won't think about me at all?! 

No, no, impossible...

Oh, kitties, I am so very confused. I don't know what to do. Does Mummy want a new kitty for Me - or for Her?


Fuzzy Tales said...

If your mum decides on a new kitty, we seriously recommend two of the same age, to keep each other company and to play with. You really might not want to be bothered by youngsters pestering you, and it might not be fair to either the kitten or to you.

It's a difficult decision.

After Chumley died in January 2007, everyone told our mom to adopt again right away, so Annie wouldn't get used to being an only cat. So she adopted Nicki in April and it was terrible for Annie. She hated him, they never got along, and Nicki grew up to bully her constantly. So Derry was adopted in December 2007 specifically to be a companion to Nicki. It did work in that regard, but Annie and Nicki never did get along and it was very stressful in the house, every day. In retrospect, Annie would have been better off being an only cat--she would have much preferred that.

Frankly, it's a toss of a coin as to whether you'd get along with a newcomer.

But if that's what your mum decides, truly have her think about two, to keep each other occupied.

Carolyn said...

It is a chance if you get another that they might not get on. It really is the luck of the draw. Sometimes a kitten is better because then the older cat doesn't feel threatened, but it's not always like that. A bit of a conundrum. Whatever happens, Possum, you are very loved x

meowmeowmans said...

Possumn, no matter what, we KNOW your Mommy loves you very, very much.

Avalons Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Yes it iz furry lonely when you no longer have another kitty to snuggle wif especially on cold dayz or have some-one to keep you company when your mom iz owt .... ^..^ maybe baby kitty too much, but howz about one a little older like a year or so ???? maybe a young ladycat for company ??? Whatefur your mom doez we sure she luvz you furry much ^..^
Purrz ~

The J-Cats said...

If Mummy gets two new little kitties, then the odds are they'll be playing with each other all the time and I'll feel left out. Not the result Mummy wanted to achieve. Worse - they might start ganging up on me and bullying Me, once they get bigger, and then I'll feel like an outsider in my own home!
No, no - better to leave things as they are and enjoy my Human's undivided attention.

GreatGranny said...

Aw sweet Possum, Mommy will always love you even if she gets another kitty.
xoxo Kassey

Shahlimare said...

Hello my Friend Shimona,
I just read your post. Fate or chance has brought two kittens on our terrace at the beginning of winter. Two brothers who had about 3 or 4 months. We hesitate long, we thought especially Caline. She is only since the departure of Feline. She watched two kittens every day through the window. One day we opened the door and she came out to see them. Everything went well so we decided to adopt them. You can come and see their story on my blog if you want. Caline now has two little brothers. Caline is happy. Gribouil and Gospel have a family. We now have three cats. Feline will always be in our hearts, but we are happy to welcome these two kittens.
Big hugs to you and caress for Possum

Shahlimare said...

I read the comments of your friends. I said that Caline to 12 years. The two kittens were about 9 months now. They are rowdy but since they are two, they do not Caline bored, they play them. And if Caline wants to intervene, she plays with them whenever she wants. Thus it also time to relax. But these two kittens in the house returned her love of life that was gone when Feline is gone.
Yours is sure to keep the top spot for Possum. We love Gospel and Gribouil equally but Caline still our little girl !

The J-Cats said...

Hallo, Shahlimare.
We only just now saw your comment, in the "waiting for moderation" box. We don't understand why it didn't go directly to the comments box, we don't moderate comments on this blog. Perhaps it's because you aren't using Blogger.
We aren't actively looking for new kitties, but if they should happen to come our way, and it's clear that Pixie sent them, then we'll be happy to share our home with them.