Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breakfast in Bed

Greetings, Fellow Felines! (and, of course, our C-A-N-I-N-E and Human Friends)!

Pixie here, to tell you, I have been threatened! Yes, I have! Yesterday, our Human threatened Me with a return visit to the V-E-T to have my teeth and gums checked! What's more, she said that if I don't eat, she'll have to get appetite-enhancing pills from the V-E-T and make me swallow them twice a day!

Well, I am here to tell you, Fellow Felines, that I will not be coerced! I made that very clear to her yesterday. As a result, she went to bed very upset and with leaky eyes.

But this morning, I woke up in quite a good mood - and hungry. I think she could sense that. She mixed up a couple of tablespoonsful of my moist dietary food with about half a teaspoonful of FF Chicken Feast to improve the flavour and aroma, making sure there was plenty of gravy and before serving it up to Me, she put Possum's food on the balcony. He went for it and Mummy shut him on the balcony, so I was able to eat my food in peace, even leaving it from time to time and going back to it, without Possum gobbling it up the moment my back was turned. Then she went and made herself a cup of coffee and something to eat and took it back to bed with her. When she had finished her own breakfast, she came to check up and see how much I had eaten. I really don't like it when she stands over me, watching to see how much I am eating but I managed to eat almost half my food while she was making and eating her own breakfast. She was very pleased with Me - but not pleased enough. She wanted me to eat the whole lot. So she took my food bowl with her back to the bedroom, got into bed, sat me down beside her and coaxed me to eat about half of what was left. It took the better part of an hour, on and off - but it was nice to be petted and cherished and loved so much. Then, she went and let Possum back in and he came and sat on the bed and got loved while I went to sit in the kitchen on Possum's favourite perch, in a sun puddle. 

Here I am, hiding behind a potted plant:

And in the afternnon, I was Extra Good and I even let Mummy give me my infusion, without making any fuss. I didn't bite or scratch even once, and I only started to fidget towards the end, when it became too uncomfortable. I was a Very Good Kitty, wasn't I?

And what about Me? Yes, Fellow Felines, it's Possum here!
What do you think was happening to Me while Pixie was having Breakfast in Bed with Mummy? You've got it in one, Kitties! I was imprisoned for almost an hour on the balcony, with nothing to eat (because, of course, I finished my food in a couple of minutes, without having to be coaxed or threatened). And then, when I was finally released from my incarceration, I wasn't given any more food. But I did get to lie down on the bed next to Mummy and have my tummy rubbed. Pixie went off and stole my favourite perch - but I found a much better sun puddle in Mummy's bedroom. Mummy took a picture so you can judge for yourselves.

Now Mummy is going to have her Shabbat afternoon nap and we are Both going to curl up next to her and have a nap too.

Have a nice weekend, Fellow Felines.


Admiral Hestorb said...

Those are wonderful pictures of both of you and Possum...what an excellent sun puddle. None better really. You came out very well in this negotiation.

Pixie..the pills for your appetite are what I have been hoping for. Let me know how you do. Are Pill Pockets, a yummy pill holder that you can eat, available to you?

Whisppy said...

Yippee Pixie! Good girl. We hope your Mom will still bring you to the vet to get your teeth and gums checked...because if they are really the problem, it can be fixed easily.

Those are nice pictures of the both of you. :)

The J-Cats said...

@Admiral - Mummy doesn't understand exactly what these pill pockets are. How do they work?

@Whisppy - Mummy says the V-E-T actually checked Pixie's mouth when she first got sick last month and he said she does have some build-up of plaque on her teeth but not enough to cause her to stop eating and also, that scaling would have to be done under anaesthetic and he isn't sure if, at her age and with her other health problems, her heart would stand it.

meowmeowmans said...

You were very good, Possum, especially considering that you got locked on the balcony like that. And yes, that is an excellent sun puddle you found!

Pixie, we are so happy that you ate so well for your mom. Please try to keep it up, okay? And great job with the infusion, too!

The Pill Pockets that Admiral is talking about are a soft/malleable treat with a hollow center. Your mom can put a pill inside of it, so that it tastes yummy instead of like a yucky pill. Our Sammy takes pills for his hyperthyroidism, and he looks forward to it (because of the Pill Pockets). Here is a YouTube video that shows how they work:

Avalons Garden & the Garden Cottage Cats said...

Mieow ^..^ Sooooo Sorry it took us soooo long to visitz you :( but blogger waz bein B A D fur almost a week we couldn't get into owr "followerz" to see anyone who follow us ^..^ so peeze don't think we were disin you.... we "follow" you too now ^..^

Pixie we glad you try eatin fur your mom we sure she luvz you furry much .... You look furry pretty behind your bromeliad ^..^
and Possum you look quite content in your sunpuddlez :))
Purrz guyz ~